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What does toe rag mean? worthless/useless person or loser or scumbag or scrounger.What does it mean when a horse is on its toes? Nothing, since horses are always on their toes all the time. Thats how they stand, walk, run, trot, gallop, etc. What else did they say about their leisure activities? Listen again and check.3. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? a. No problem. b. Yes, but its not easy for me. c. No, I cant. Look at the following words and expressions. Do you know their meaning? tip toeing. slang for s-x from behind while standing. the receiving party will usually need to lean on tour something stable i.e. a wall, sink or heavy furniture keeping them on the ball of their feet or tips of their toes. french montanas song.

What does the idiom Keep someone on their toes mean?Idiom eBooks from UsingEnglish.com. Buy our lists of British English, American English and Animal idioms in PDF format. Theyre perfect to use offline for reference or for use in class! How to get healthy nails (and keep them healthy). Are Splitting Nails Becoming an Uncomfortable Problem?Is my black toenail caused by fungus? I have thick toenails what does that mean?Some people even suggest urinating on their toes was able to cure their case of toenail fungus but To keep on your toes, or to keep someone else on their toes, makes them stay alert and conscious of everything going on.Be careful what you say, one slip of the tongue and were all in trouble. When you say something that you did not mean to say. When Andrew Garfield says that his co-star Emma Stone keeps him on his toes, he means that he never knows what to expect from her.Im not paranoid nor do I wear a leotard but keep my toes well-rooted to the ground ). People make the silly mistake of lowering their guards once theyve The students were forced to keep on their toes by their new teacher. Some Random Idioms. Fat chance! What does "Fat chance!" mean? This idiom is a way of telling someone they have no chance. In addition, the toe toppers were initially darker in color. They became white as a decoration for modern sneakers.What do the bumps on the bottom of a bottle mean?This simple technique helped to keep their face warm. to make sure that someone gives all their attention to what they are doing and is ready for anything that might happen.

keep on doing sth. keep sb in. "This does not happen successfully for 20 years without Red. A lot of people like Andy, but they dont get him. Red gets him," Jackie explains.Jim Biever/Green Bay Packers. "Youre kind of on guard almost -- and I mean that in a good way," backup quarterback Scott Tolzien says. By launching their own handset, they have dipped their toe into the lucrative smartphone market. The expression dip a toe in the water means the same.She was covered in black fur from head to toe. Keep someone on their toes . What does it mean when a guy says youre intimidating? To make timid fill with fear.What makes a girl intimidating? Christine is a 41-year-old New Yorker. And I ask why, and they just say because I keep them on their toes. They all succeed in doing Their work in five short days, Which leaves them the two longest ones To spend in different ways.He says that it is the only way to keep them .A. on their toes. D. off their bags. B. up to their eyes. keep someone on their toes. Having three sons under the age of five keeps Jana on her toes. makes her stay active and concentrated.4 If you run into difficulties or trouble, does that mean that they happen quickly? Typically those who are kept on their toes are because it keeps them from making a mistakeIts an expression that means to keep someone sharp and aware. I believe its a comparison to a toe dancer, where it is really difficult to dance on your toes, and it takes concentration and practice to do so. Does the expression "to keep on ones toes" basically mean "to walk on eggshells" ?You have to be very alert and ready to act quickly. Someone playing baseball in the outfield better stay on their toes when a batter know for long hits comes to bat. keep somebody on their toes — keep sb on their toes idiom to make sure that sb is ready to deal with anything that might happen by doing things that they are not expecting Surprise visits help to keep the staff on their toes. Meaning of keep. What does keep mean?They keep him from writing the letter.Context example: Where do you keep your gardening tools? Hypernyms (to " keep" is one way to) But I asked him what exactly do u mean by keeping u on your toes, and his reply was "of course Im not going to tell u" What do u guys think? When someone says they need someone who will keep them on their toes , is it the same as saying they need someone who would keep them interested?and thought de tr s nombreux exemples traduites contenant keep me on my toes taught never to let people tread toes thats exactly what i do, keep someone their meaning, definition, english dictionary, synonym, see also on,keep back, keep down,keep fit, job is challenge, but not threaten them. Keep on toes Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of keep on toes in the Idioms Dictionary. keep on toes phrase. What does keep on toes expression mean?keeps you on your toes. Keep someone on their toes definition and meaning | Collins Information and translations of KEEP ONE ON ONES TOES in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word KEEP ONE ON ONES TOES. Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition And, keeping them on their toes the doctors who walk eighteen miles a day.With a test every Friday, she keeps her students on their toes. You have to have good people doing these jobs, and you have to keep folks on their toes. meaning and examples of the Phrase. Keep on their toes. pronunciation: British (male): American (female): keep (someone) on (their) toes. to force someone to continue giving all their attention and energy to what they are doing. What does it mean when below the big toe just before reaching the deep part on the left foot bottom itches ?ThiaMoineau It means fungus is growing and you should soak them in dilluted cider or white vinegar, wear fresh socks everyday, keep them dry, or take a pharmacutical with horrendous Women generally do not wear neckties with their suits. Fancy silk scarves that resemble a floppyLeather shoes, fringed tongue trim, round toes, high thick heels. 2. 1943. Grey wool suit, hip-lengthSleeveless evening dress r: , wonderful (and they keep you cool if youre dancing) but if you wish to The meaning of keep someone on ones toes is to make someone concentrate so that they are ready to deal with anything that might happen. Also defined as to force someone to continue giving all their attention and energy to what they are doing. in the event that you keep some one to their feet, you create sure that they concentrate on what they are designed to do. keep on ones toes to stay alert and watchful. If you want to be a success at this job, you will have to keep on your toes. They dont get along to get into the drivers seat and do what well. Sally always wants to call the tuneThey had to get a court or-der to pull the plug on their father. Now I know what they mean when they say, "Slow and steady wins the race." Ann won the race because You are at:Home»TEACHERS»Classroom Management»7 Ways to Keep Your Students On TheirBack then, it seemed funny and not mean. But in retrospect, we were such brats, filled with theHowever they seem to be occupied with other things. One thing you can do is, pretend to mumble Staying on your toes during an important business meeting can mean the difference between success and failure.8) They are on their toes because they do not want to miss anything.11) Every day is a new experience and tests a person by keeping them on their toes. "to keep someone on their toes" is given as the correct choice for a phrase meaning: "to make someone concentrate on what they are doing so they are ready to deal with the situation whatever happens." keep somebody on their toes (to keep somebody constantly alert and attentive, usually by doing unexpected things) -- держать кого-л в постоянном напряжении держать кого-л вExample: In order to be good at training security guards, you have to keep the trainees on their toes at all times. What Does It Mean When Your Cat Keeps Meowing Climbing You?Do Cats Feel Affection to Their Owners Like Dogs Do?Does Petting a Kitten They Lick You Mean They Like You? More than 100 muscles are below the ankle and these muscles are meant to help YOU.Ive had private clients tell me that although they have done yoga before, they havent felt the poses in such a way, when their toes areI let my sandals and socks do the work of keeping my toes spread. Tired of hearing overtired and under-appreciated moms and wives getting a bad rap? Who says theyre nagging and uptight? Here are 11 hilarious moves by women who are having a ball keeping the men inNot only did she make bacon, but she left him the last piece. This marriage was truly meant to be. keep (one) on (ones) toes. (redirected from keeps them on their toes).TheFreeDictionary presents: Write what you mean clearly and correctly.keeps them on the edge of their seat. You do not worry, Shyam said to Gopal, I shall keep under my hat what you have said.If you keep someone or something at arms length, you keep a safe distance away from them. Keep Someone On Their Toes If you do a Google search for "quick on toes meaning", the first few results should suggest what it means. stangdon Jun3. What does over mean in this idiom pull over? 0. []youll see them all run for cover? 0.In Antiquity, were Persian arrows considered superior to their Greek counterparts? Prabhavathi D.

and Abhinaya P students of S.R.P. Ammaniammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, said that they did not have to spend www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Coimbatore/changes-in-examination-pattern-this-year-keep-many-students-on-their-toes/article2912315.ece. keep someone on their toes keep someone alert: "Our teacher keeps us on our toes - we have to pay attention in class."Idioms that use parts of the head. head to head in a race, when two contestants are doing as well as each other: "They are head to head in the polls." Stepping on Toes Meaning. Definition: To upset someone by invading their personal or professional responsibilities or affairs. What Does Step On Your Toes Mean?They were talking about their team concept and the wide receivers and Donald Driver, Moss said. keep somebody on their toes — keep sb on their toes idiom to make sure that sb is ready to deal with anything that might happen by doing things that they are not expecting Surprise visits help to keep the staff on their toes. When you put a finger in their palm, they squeeze the hand shut.My 8.5 mo daughter (who was born almost a month early) still sometimes keeps her left thumb tucked inside her fist. what could this mean besides cerebral palsy? To do toe taps, all the toes are lifted off the floor and, keeping the heel on the floor and the outside four toes in the air, the big toe is tapped to the floor repetitively.Their feet are not syndactylous, and the first toe of their hind feet is partially opposable. They are ground birds, with very long hind If you say that someone or something keeps you on your toes, you mean that they cause you to remain alert and ready for anything that might happen. His fiery campaign rhetoric has kept opposition parties on their toes for months. INFORMAL tread on sbs toes phrase V inflects I must be careful not to tread on their toes. My job is to challenge, but not threaten them.V -ing Keep on means the same as keep phrasal verb Did he give up or keep on trying? When toddlers are learning to walk, many spend some time walking up on their tip toes, which is known as toe walking. Commonly this is to get into things they arent meant to, but as they perfect their walking, they walk more with their whole foot on the ground. There is a problem when you cannot look up individual words in a dictionary and find the meaning. Thats what you usually do with unfamiliar words.The BALLS IN YOUR COURT. Hes a strong leader and will KEEP THEM ON THEIR TOES.

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