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My father has rented a move on iTunes, but on his old computer (which cant cope and crashesIt was visible as rented there but could not be watched (authorized to another computer)Then I unauthorized the computer I downloaded it on and it worked on my macbook You can install iTunes on more than one computer, but you must transfer your songs to eachHow to Transfer Your iTunes Library from One Computer to Another. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your other computer. Open iTunes on your home computer and on the new computer. Make sure iTunes is completely open and up-to-date before continuing.How do I transfer songs from one computer to another without installing iTunes? When I plug my ipod into the computer, it shows up in itunes on my new laptop but Im unsure of how to transfer the music over.This was a few years ago now. If you had an Ipod and used Itunes to putowned that Ipod and you could not add music from another Itunes on another PC, If Open iTunes on the pc. Plug iphone in. Click on your device in the column on the left. Check back up to this computer. Enjoy.(Using a Google search to make sure you get them put in the right folders for iTunes to find.) Im not sure why everyone always rushes to suggest clumsy iPhone-transfer While deleting an application via iTunes on your computer is a great method, youre not always by an iTunes accessible computer.Put another way: Even though you deleted the app from your iPhone, its still in your iTunes library. When you activate your iPhone you have the choice to use the same Apple ID you use for iTunes on your computer or other Apple devices. Your other option is to create a new Apple ID using any email address that is not already associated with another Apple ID. To transfer your iTunes library from one computer to another, follow these stepsHi, I have a macbook pro and an iMac. Once I purchase the full version, may I put it on both machines? Thanks, Tess. Part 1. User iPod to transfer iTunes library to another computer. Step1.

Because iTunes prevents copying music and video from iPod to computer, you need special software to bypass the iTunes limitation. Every time you connect an iPod to a different computer, the iTunes on that machine will warn you that Your iPod is synced with another iTunes library.How to put music on your iPod from a different iTunes Library without erasing any data? Please read this tutorial to get your favorable solution. On this new computer, try to take the time and put your iTunes files in the same location that you want to put it on the PC, more or less.

Having your iTunes library on an external hard drive also means that should you want to share that library with another computer or another person, you will be able The computer that has iTunes is having problem with its disc drive. Anyway i need to e-mail some music to my other computer so I can put it onto a cd.You can use your iPod. Sync the music from one computer onto your iPod, and import it to the iTunes Library in your other computer. Rob is a DJ and he would like to use iTunes on two separate laptops to mix between.Hell have up to 5 computers he can use at once. He could also use Family Sharing. That way he can manage all the music between multiple users. Home sharing is another option. How to Transfer Your iTunes Collection from One Computer to Another — 30 Aug 2010 One of the features in iTunes 9 you can use to transfer your music, videos, and more on your home network is Home Sharing. Doing so will allow you to access your purchases, etc. on another machine. Authorize your computer in iTunes.If you dont authorize up to the 5 apple devices, you can access your iTunes account to another computer. Moving your iTunes library from one computer to another has always been kind of a drag, but weblog HeyHowTo details how iTunes 9s new Home Sharing feature has made it a relatively painless process. Another restriction on transfers involves where your device is synced. If one of the devices you wish to transfer to is not registered to your iTunes account then you will beWatch your movie with your Mac or Windows computer, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod as well as on your TV using your Apple TV. If your iPhone was previously synced with another iTunes library, syncing songs from your Mac computer with iPhone could wipe out all of existing tracks on the device.

Here below are the basic steps you need to follow to put music from your Mac onto iPhone. The procedures apply to both Mac You can also read this guide in Franais. I synced my iPod to iTunes on my old computer before.Like Catherine, if you want to put music to iPod from another iTunes library and dont want to iPod, just download its free trial and follow these stepson you new computer all you have to do is create a new account on your computer than put the CD in your drive and then you can just download.Can you access your itune in another computer? No you cannot access your itunes on another computer that the ipod,ipad.ect. was not setup on Can you put songs/videos bought on iTunes on more than one music device?I can drag it onto the device (through My Computer in Windows) but when I unplug the device, the song doesnt show up. How to move music in iTunes to another computer2013-01-16How to put music from iTunes on your phone2015-04-12Can I Put iTunes on Another Computer if My Computer Crashes?2013-10-29 Add music to iPhone: you can transfer songs from iTunes to iPhone via iTunes or put any song to iPhone via TunesOver.How about this: there are some killer songs on another computer and you cant authorize the computer with your Apple ID, or the songs cant be added to iTunes Library due If your iTunes library is too large and it threatens to take over your PC, you can easily move your iTunes library to another drive on your computer or aniTunes lets you share your iTunes library over your home network in different ways. put a password on your shared iTunes library, anyone on. ITunesIt wont let me put music onto my iphone 4s . It says that im synced to another libraryI dont know how to Disconnect from that other itunes library Iphone 4s says it was synced with another computer. i have no problem to sent a photo using whatsapp as it let me go to " choose existing " to Transfer your itunes catalog, collection, or music library to another computer.Move Your Metadata. Heres a video tutorial I put together. Written instructions are below. Export the source iTunes library as an XML file (File>Library>Export Library). To back up iTunes, say, transfer music from iTunes to another computer, you can get a step-by-step guide here with the help of a professional iOS manager. can you put music on yur ipod fom media player if so then how.SOLUTION: go to a friends house and plug it their computer with itunes on it. their computer will treat it like another one of your friends ipods and will let you copy songs from their library onto your ipod. with a little begging, you could ask Transfer music files from an iPhone to another without running iTunes, nor syncing your iPhone to iTunes. With this powerful iOS music transferring software, you do not need to run your iTunes to put music onWithin just a few seconds, you can easily transfer transfer music from computer to iPhone. However, if you want to move music from iTunes to your iPhone synced with another iTunes library, the original data on your iPhone will be erased.Join In Us. Get Up-to-the-minute iPhone Tips Enjoy Awesome Deals. Support How to Put iPhone Purchased Music to Computer. Youve been building up your iTunes library and now you want to move it to another computer.If you have a USB stick, external hard-drive or another form of removable media you can always company your music across this way. I did another update on itunes and it now shows her phoneHi there—same issues.trying to put my songs on my new iphonewhen I connect the iphone it is not recognized. I have tried all of the possibilities, restarting both the computer and the phoneI gave up for a few days.unlocked my If you were to try—just take the movie file and put it on another computer into your iTunes library—youd see an alert, when trying to play the movie, telling you that it is authorized to play on another computer or device. You can, however, transfer a rental from one computer to an iPod How do I transfer music I didnt buy on my iTunes library to another one, on another computer?In fact, once youve put the songs or video on iPod or iPhone, you can get them out of iPod or iPhone Step 1: Run the software, connect iPad, iPod or iPhone to the new computer which you want to put the iTunes library.Summing-up: All in all, if you want to backup your iTunes to another computer in the most efficient, simplest, fastest way, you can turn to the Solution 1. How to Transfer an iTunes Library to Another Location.No matter the reason or where you want to put your collection, iTunes makes it dead simple to move your library folder.How to Transfer an iTunes Library to a New Computer. Back Up iTunes on Your Mac With This Easy Process. 2. Plug in your device to your computer using a compatible cable.Launch the app and use it put your device into recovery mode with only 1 click.How to Fix Error "iPhone is synced with another iTunes library". Technically, you cant put multiple iTunes accounts on your iPhone, but Apples additional syncing options result in the same effect: You have content from different accounts on one iPhone. Authorized Computers . There are a few ways to transfer your iTunes library from one computer to anotherYou can play iTunes Plus songs on any number of computers you can play other iTunes Store purchases on up to five authorized computers. Simply put, in my iTunes tutorial you will learn how to move your iTunes library from one computer to another computer no matter which Windows version you are using on your computer. Can you copy songs from your itunes account, and put them on another computer?Can you move your Itunes account to another computer? My computer crashed and lost all the pics I had saved on the computer. Can I now put the pictures on the ipod back on to the same computer?ok, my computer is totally busted, and wont work, so is there some way i can get itunes on another computer, and will it let me re-download all the music i Dont worry, its still possible to transfer music from iTunes on your computer (Mac or PC) to an iPhone.In this instance, you can use third party software like AnyTrans to transfer music from your iPhone to your iTunes library (or another iPhone) by following these steps Alternatively, you can click on Select Files and browse your computer to find your file. For a single track in mp3, it will take you less than one second.Basically, thats all it takes to put mp3 on an iPhone or iPod. Another big source of aggravation is iTunes limitations and there are quite a chunk how do you access your itunes account from another computer? You have asked two different questions?You can access that to buy content from any computer with itunes, just sign it. Your library wil only be where your put it. Another option to consider is the iCloud technology that is available from Apple.If you download a song from iTunes on your computer, it is immediately added to the iTunes player on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Moving your iTunes library from one computer to another may appear to be a daunting task.We will guide you with a few simple steps on how to transfer iTunes to another computer easily. It also could be that you have your music saved on multiple computers and it is not that easy to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with many iTunes libraries.So how do you put music to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without iTunes sync? Here is what you can do if your iPad will not turn on or is unresponsive (dead), meaning nothing shows up on the screen (black screen).6.3 If you do not see your iPad in iTunes, consider putting your iPad into DFU Mode. 7 Try Another Computer with iTunes. How to put films on an iPad: Videos app or a third-party app. If you sync movies or TV shows stored in your iTunes libraryAlso, you can only use one computer to sync iPad. If you try to sync videos from another computer running iTunes, youll get a warning that all your media will be deleted first.

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