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By mid-afternoon Friday, according to Ticket IQ data, the average price of a ticket to Sundays game was 5,815, compared with 4,990 at that point last year.It was 1,247 the year before the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale. From January 2 through January 21, the 2015 Super Bowl re-sale market largely mimicked that of years past, including the 2014 Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. However, in 2014, the average ticket price for the Super Bowl actually dropped after January 21 Posted by rhythmraveradio On February 01, 2015 0 Comment. Super Bowl 49 ticket prices are officially the most expensive ever, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. The average price of a ticket on the second-hand market was 4,600 and 4,131 The price of admission adds up to be the most expensive Super Bowl ticket ever. As of 6:20 p.m. Thursday, there were only 20 tickets on StubHub that cost less than 10,000 to see the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. 2018 Super Bowl tickets on StubHub provide the best access to the biggest game of the NFL season.It is not uncommon to see average ticket prices in the range of 2,000 to 5,000 per ticket, depending on the teams competing at the championship. Feb 1, 2015. Darren RovellESPN Senior Writer.The average price of a sold ticket for this years Super Bowl was 4,600 and 4,131, respectively, making it the most expensive ticket in the games 49-year history. Super Bowl 49 ticket prices are officially the most expensive ever, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. The average price of a ticket on the second-hand market was 4,600 and 4,131Watch President Obamas Super Bowl 2015 interview: President talks DeflateGate, beer and more. It is difficult to draw any direct correlation between price of Super Bowl tickets and robustness ofhas been doing well for a while now, and that Super Bowl pricing was similarly absurd in 2015. The day before that Super Bowl, the average price on the secondary market was almost 11,000 1 Ticket prices are falling fast ahead of Super Bowl LI. 2 Super Bowl 50 Ticket Prices Plummet After Patriotsx27 Loss. 3 Super Bowl Tickets: Prices Going Up Or Down For Seahawks vs. Patriots?Average super bowl ticket price 2015.

Take a look below to see how much ticket prices have risen since 1967. (All ticket prices are for non-VIP tickets.) Super Bowl I - 1967 Average face-value ticket: 10 Inflation-adjusted price: 74.98.Super Bowl XLIX - 2015 Average face-value ticket: 1,750 Inflation-adjusted price: 1,839.07.

The average price of Super Bowl ads have risen more than 50 per cent in the last 10 years, defying economic downturns and secular industry issues.British director in line for 660k windfall if ad he made for 10 is screened during the Super Bowl. How to buy NFL tickets. Our source for the average face value of Super Bowl ticket prices over the years is this article from Dallas News.com. Photos used in the presentation originated from superbowlstubs.com. There was a busted market for tickets in 2015 and the average asking price for tickets peaked at more than 11,000 in the week leading up to the game.3 Super Bowl LII Tickets Averaging Over 6000 On Secondary Market. 4 Prices for 2017 Super Bowl Tickets Firmly On the Rise. Section 326. Prices tend to fluctuate daily. Last year, many of our corporate sponsor Super Bowl tickets were upgraded.2015 SUPER BOWL - 1 Parking Pass - 02/01/15 Renaissance Glendale Hotel Spa. Super Bowl Tickets 2015 Average Price. Loading Average ticket prices for the 2015 Super Bowl—in which the New England Patriots played the Seattle Seahawks—rose from 2,900 to over 9,000 during the two weeks before the big game. Large ticket brokers were blamed for the crazy surge in prices: Apparently With average ticket prices for the Super Bowl well over a couple thousand dollars9 superbowl 98 superbowl 97 super bowl 99 superbowl 95 superbowl 93 superbowl 92 super bowl 91 super bowl 9/11 truther super bowl 9 stats 2015 super bowl tickets superbowlticketsprices prices sunday. Super Bowl 52 Ticket prices are for informational purposes ONLY. Please click here for up-to-the-minute pricing and availability on all 2018 Super Bowl Tickets.history are Super Bowls.[4] In 2015, Super Bowl XLIX became the most-watched American television program in history with an average. Average prices right now are on pace to be the second-most expensive since the site started tracking in 2010.Its also more expensive. The NFL began to push for control after the 2015 Super Bowl, when the market was held hostage by a consolidation of tickets. Super Bowl 50 was one hot ticket -- the most expensive Super Bowl ever. A few hours ahead of kickoff, seats were selling for an average price of 4,639. But Sundays game did not end up being the priciest U.S. event ever. Ticket prices reached historic levels in 2015 when the Patriots faced the Seahawks.While Super Bowl 50 didnt quite reach the historic numbers of the year before, it was still up there in terms of price. The average ticket to see the Broncos/Panthers as right around 4,0000. Fans can still purchase tickets to Super Bowl XLIX, but they wont come cheap. With 12 days remaining until the Seattle Seahawks face the New England Patriots at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the average ticket price at TiqIq.com is 4,174.50. We also calculated how many average-priced home game tickets could be purchased for the price of one Super Bowl ticket.All ticket prices are from TiqIQ and are accurate as of Jan. 23, 2015. We analyzed tickets on the resale market because it contains the largest number of tickets available this 28, 2014 in Hoboken, N.J. The average price of tickets to Sundays Super Bowl are running over 5,000 on the secondary ticket market.Test your knowledge Super Bowl firsts: Take our quiz. Super Bowl 2015 commercials: Will sponsors help mend NFLs image? Do Patriots have a Super 2015: Super Bowl XLIX. Average face-value ticket price: 1,750 Inflation-adjusted price: 1,839.07 Score: New England Patriots - 28, SeattleThe impressive end to the 2015 Super Bowl made the steep cost to attend well worth it. StubHub vs. Ticketmaster: Where to Get the Best Cheap Tickets. Source Abuse Report. Super Bowl 2015 Ticket Price.Average Super Bowl Ticket. Super Bowl ticket prices continue to soar. With the game now just a day away, prices have exceeded the 10,500 average and get-in price is just over 9,000 but, as TiqIQs CEO reports, theFor Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, the NFL needs to have a fix in place to ensure 2015 never happens again. Average ticket prices for Super Bowl 2015 is 3,350.Super Bowl 2015 will be on Feb. 1 in Glendale, Ariz.SBTickets.com notes roughly 75 percent of Super Bowl tickets go to the league before they are The most recent data from TiqIQ, a ticket resale site, indicates that tickets to 2015s Super Bowl XLIX could be the most expensive in history. The "current average list price for the Super Bowl is 6,459.21" as of Jan. As of 2:15 PM today, it will cost you 9,780.25 per ticket just to get in the door at Super Bowl XLIX, making it the most expensive Super Bowl ticket in the history of Super Bowl tickets by 2X. Why are ticket prices skyrocketing to such insane heights in 2015? The last five years (with the exception of 2015) shows that ticket prices went down as the event approached. In 2017, for instance, tickets averaged a bitThe first Super Bowl, held in 1967, had an average ticket price of 10, which would equal 74.98 today. That price gradually rose to 15 in January 29, 2015. The only thing harder than playing your way into the Super Bowl might be buying a ticket.But on the resale market, where all tickets exist at this point, the average price for a ticket if you bought it on Jan.

If tickets were sold at an average price of about 4,000, StubHub might have brought in about 10.3 million last year from the resale of Super Bowl tickets. StubHubs gains from this years sales are harder to guess at, because its not clear if the executives 10 to 15 percent estimate has held in 2015. The average list price to get a ticket to Super Bowl 49 in Glendale, Ariz is 3,950, according to an analysis by ticket aggregator TiqIQ.com. 2015 CBS Interactive Inc All Rights Reserved. Average ticket price for an NFL game by team 2016. FIFA world ranking of mens national soccer teams 2017.When you watch the Super Bowl, what is the most important part for you?Importance of Super Bowl components to TV viewers 2012-2015. According to StubHub, the average price of a ticket for Super Bowl LII is 5,309 the highest price in the last decade by a wide margin and the get-in cost for the cheapest available tickets is 3,103. Average prices right now are on pace to be the second-most expensive since the site started tracking in 2010.Its also more expensive. The NFL began to push for control after the 2015 Super Bowl, when the market was held hostage by a consolidation of tickets. According to the ticket resale site StubHub, the lowest get-in price to the 2015 Super Bowl was around 2,250 as of Thursday.StubHub reports that over the past week, average Super Bowl ticket resale prices have risen from 3,017 to 3,106. Tickets for Super Bowl I in 1967 topped out at 12 Now they cost a bit more. Average Super Bowl ticket price: 3,950 - CBS News.Similar Searches. Date Of 2015 Super Bowl. Projections for the 2015 Super Bowls ticket prices called for seats to be less expensive than usualSoon after the AFC and NFC Championship games ending, asking prices were relatively cheap, with the average ticket selling for around 2,900 and the cheapest tickets available for roughly 1,900. Last year, for instance, the average Super Bowl ticket price on secondary markets dropped from 5,000 to 3,225 in just four days.In all but one of the past five years (again, 2015), average Super Bowl ticket prices declined as the kickoff approached. WATCH Super Bowl 2015: Everything You Need to Know Before the Big Game.The two biggest ticket resale sites, StubHub and NFL Ticket Exchange, said the average price of a sold ticket for this years game was 4,600 and 4,131, respectively. The graph below shows a sharp increase in the price of Super Bowl tickets over the past 48 years.With many years in the ticketing industry and a knowledgeable, experienced staff (with an average tenure of 6 years), we go to bat to ensure tickets made easy every time. 1, 2015, Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.As of Thursday evening, the average price list price was 10,919, the most expensive sports, theater or concert event ever tracked, according to TiqIQ, a ticket aggregator and reseller founded in 2009. The average price of a ticket is also up -- around 5,000. Thats the second highest theyve been this close to the actual game, according to Ticket IQs data. It started tracking prices back in 2010. The only game with higher average prices was Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 With average list price for resale tickets to Super Bowl XLIX now above 10,000, the 2015 Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is the ticket markets Black Swan, and one that will leave a lot of fans out in the We guarantee our Super Bowl Ticket prices. Once you place your order that will be the price you pay.SuperBowl-Tickets.com will not be responsible for postponements, cancellations, and lost or stolen tickets to any event. 20000 Most Expensive Ticket Purchased All time. Average Listing Price for Future Events.Discount SuperBowl 51 Tickets Even though TickPick already has the cheapest Super Bowl tickets, Super Bowl LI is one of the most expensive tickets in history. In terms of ticket prices, this years Super Bowl in Minneapolis should fall in around the average.The highest average Super Bowl ticket in recent years came in 2015 when Patriots - Seahawks tickets were going for 6,923 on average. Updated Jan 17, 2015 at 8:58am. (Getty). Its the hottest ticket of the year.According to the Star Ledger, Super Bowl tickets are conservatively distributed. The National Football League controls everything about the championship game, including the price of a ticket and their distribution.

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