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Software. Operating Systems. Is Upgrading To Windows 8 Worth It?Better upgrade path to Windows 10, about the same stability, better driver support. So does this mean better game performance? My sisters lappy is really outdated: entry level core 2 duo, 2GB ram, 250GB HDD etc. Shes running Windows 7, but would her PC get faster or slower by going to windows 10? Would it be worth just doing a fresh install of windows 7 instead? Gaming Notebooks.I recently upgraded the o/s on the above mentioned laptop to Windows 10 64 bit as a result of a free offer.1. Would upgrading memory on this 10 year old laptop be worth it? Is it worth it? Can you squeeze more life out of your modularly designed pre-2013 Mac Pro by updating key components?The 10xx series, with the uber powerful Titan Xp as its flagship, is the fastest gaming GPU on the market today. By T3 Online 2015-10-29T17:00:00.301Z. Youve been happily running Windows 7 for years, bypassing Windows 8 and all its teething problems, so why upgrade to Windows 10 just because its free? Windows 10: why itll make you dump your Mac. Windows 10: Worth the Upgrade?Should gamers upgrade to Windows 10? - Questioning Gaming - Duration: 8:31. Mooseman Gaming 23,305 views. Matthew Holliday. tldr. not yet, but eventually. new direct x, xbox streaming, improved performance and other usefull utilities make it worth it. but adsI say for the average person dont upgrade regardless if you on windows 7 or 8.1. I upgraded from windows 8.

1 to 10 and my games feels about the same. October 10, 2017 Blog.3. Gaming Enhancement. Along with the theme of memory optimization, the new update will also feature something for PC Gamers.Upgrading windows is a daunting task at times, especially for those moving from older operating systems. Windows 10 is worth the upgrade, since its free to those who can get it.Like Siri, Windows also tells users the story of Cortana, the same voice used in the Halo video game series. The Windows upgrade provides lots of personalization. Forums Software Windows Todays Posts.But in my opinion, for gaming, DX10 alone still does not justifies the upgrade unless you run a very high-end system that canIs it worth upgrading my GFX card in this situation? Apr 17, 2015. Worth upgrading PC for home theater and gaming? Boards. [ARCHIVED] General Discussion.

windows 10 worth the Upgrade???Guidelines. Culture This is the place to talk about any and all things in the gamer cultural space (video games, anime, etc). And possibly more than the base rig was worth even new Direct results. Upgrading Windows for gaming purposes has its ups and downs.Still, our hard drive upgrade is a nice one 65 brings an almost 10-fold increase in storage, as well as a doubling of the data rate. Android Internet iOS Windows Gadgets Mac Gaming.Why dont I tell you my experience with Windows 10 for a month and then you can decide if its worth upgrading? I think that will help to make it an unbiased decision. My question is: Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10 now? Or is it not compatible with a lot of things as well?D I think like others suggested Ill stick to win7 on my desktop, and upgrade the laptop(Though I dont use it for gaming) Only reason I upgraded to Windows 10 myself because its an all round machine for gamingSimilar Threads - Windows worth upgrading. [Evaluate] Making MP2 available to Windows Store.

[solved] MP2 Client not playing backend videos but TV working fine on Windows 10. The fourth feature update to Windows 10 is here now. Its packed with a wide assortment of new and refined features, including some new security options designed to block zero-day exploits and ransomware.Was the upgrade worth it? Boards > Gaming > PC > Windows 8.1 to 10 Upgrade Worth It? >I accidentally upgraded to windows 10 and I swear it made my games look really blurry so I went back to windows 8.1 and couldnt get the internet to work on my computer. NOT WORTH IT.LMAO I shouldnt upgrade to Windows 10 because windows 10 is spying on you what? The fuck guess what no one cares about the private shit on your computer its 2015 wake up privacy online is dead already. Windows 10.Buying budget now — Im talking a device that sits around the 500 mark — with plans to upgrade slowly over the next year or so can be considered the short game.Is it worth upgrading a budget PC? Buying budget now with concrete plans for some minor upgrades down the line isnt Read More and stay on 7 or 8, youll gain all sorts of new features 10 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 10 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 10 is coming on July 29. Is it worth upgrading for free? If you are looking forward to Cortana, state of the art gaming The fact that the Store mixes apps with songs and movies and games doesnt help. Microsoft Edge, that poster child of UWP appsand its properly patched up and working for you, and youve stopped using Internet Explorer, you have to consider whether its worth the effort to upgrade to Windows 10. Would the upgrade to Windows 10 be worth it?Hey! The upgrade to windows 10 should be free for you proving you have a legit version of windows 7. On top of this there is going to be a lot of cross platform support from windows to xBox with windows 10 so should be awesome for gaming! Gaming just got even better with Windows 10. Not only do your existing games work great, but now you can play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. From the best casual games to a new generation of PC Learn this article, which helps you to decide answer to this question - is Windows 10 worth upgrading?d. Pre-installed games. e. Floppy drive support obtain update through Windows Update or manufacturers website if its a USB floppy drive. My customers have been asking me lately when a good time will be to upgrade to Windows 10. Since its a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 customers until July 2016, there seems to be a sense of slight urgency to prepare offices and The only other benefit would be the ability to defer new CB builds(the feature upgrades for the OS that will hit 1-2 times per year), whereas Windows 10 Home will not let you defer them for installation at a later date.Its not gonna be worth it for most people. Theres a lot of hype surrounding Windows 10 but is the upgrade really worth it?Moreover, if you like playing a game of solitaire from time to time, the game doesnt come with Windows 10, as Microsoft wants you to purchase its Solitaire Collection from the Windows Store. My gaming laptop that I travel with has Windows 7 and its fine. When I buy a new laptop in a couple of years Win 10 will be nice. Click to expandBesides the start menu, what other reasons would there be to upgrade? Here are my thoughts on Windows 10 after upgrading from Windows 8.1 including what I like and dislike. Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10?Finally Ill conclude with determining if I consider upgrading to Windows 10 to be worth it. Microsofts powerful, next-generation DirectX 12 graphics technology is exclusive to Windows 10 devices. If youre a PC gamer, this feature alone is worth the upgrade. Were still in the early days of DirectX 12 adoption. Most PC games still release in DirectX 11. Windows 10 is running on 25 of the worlds computers, despite Microsofts continuous efforts to convince users to upgrade.However, until official confirmation is available, it is worth trying out this solution. Defer the Creators Update OS. I agree, for now. Give it 2-3 more years and it might be worth it, but doubt it. that being said, you made an account to post that here?Why are you using a 2009 era OS with 2016 hardware? Windows 10 is built for modern hardware. And gamers game on modern hardware. Questioning Gaming looks at the latest and most important questions facing every day gamers! From analytical studies to simple discussions, Questioning Gaming is your source for gaming commentary. Windows 10: Worth the Upgrade? windows 8 with no metro and some slight performance boosts. if you were on 8 i dont see why you wouldnt upgrade to 10.Just wait and see if it gets better or worse on the privacy and forced updates side, then decide. Imho right now its not worth it yet. Is Windows 10 the upgrade that everyone has been waiting for? Once the update rolls out, many I.T. Managers and Directors will slowly be forced into implementing the new software and possibly new hardware. I just upgraded to Windows 10. I was actually relatively happy with Windows 7, but ever since the upgrade to 10 proclaimed it was ready to install, my computer started giving me periodic BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), with increasing frequency. Im wondering if upgrading to Windows 10 would be safe or worth it with the following systemIs it likely to cause issues with older systems? Will there be compatibility issues? Will it significantly boost my performance for gaming, with such specs? After having a go through at this tech preview I sat for a while and started to think about the true worth of windows 10. Today through this article Ill bring into light 5 reasons to upgrade toAnother aspect under the same hood is linked with DirectX12 providing you entirely new level of gaming experience. Windows 10 has been around for long enough now for most weird issues to be ironed out, and for developers to make sure games are fully compatible.Is it worth taking advantage of the free upgrade? Not worth it for dx12. Key advantage is 7 is no longer supported and is on the barest of securityI like 7s OS more but should I upgrade to W10 just for DX 12? What are some key advantages 10 has overGames stuck in Windows Store hell--Avoid that at all costs. Theres no reason for 10 to exist. Of course Windows 10 has positive features as well -It has multiple nice features that are missing on Windows 8, but the process of installation of the insiders preview and further use of the system is not worth it so far. Think twice before upgrading. Should you upgrade to Windows 10 if you want to increase your gaming performance FOR FREE?- is IT worth upgrading? by Zeonical. Is Windows 10 worth it for the gamers?Since July 29, 2015 the campaigns invited you to upgrade your world, but the question is if Windows 10 brings any boosts when it comes to gaming. Is it worth upgrading windows 8.1 to 10? Can we upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? How does Windows 10 compare with earlier versions of Windows? But if youre happy, it may be worth waiting to take the plunge.Windows 10 is a great upgrade for gaming (assuming your favorite games will be compatible with it) so long as your PCs hardware is relatively recent. Windows 10, it turns out, offers the smoothest Windows upgrade process ever.If youve gotten annoyed by Chromes and Firefoxs increasingly demanding memory needs, Edge might be worth a look. Finally, if you have an Xbox One, Windows 10 offers the ability to stream games from your Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 for business Is it worth it? solved How do I, or why havent I got the windows 10 upgrade icon on gaming pc?[BF4] Windows 8.1 Upgrade : Is it Worth it upgrading for gaming purposes ? Gabriele is sceptical about Windows 10 and still misses XP. With a new version due in a few days, is it worth taking the free upgrade, and when?Windows free games, including Solitaire and Freecell, have been moved to the store to encourage people to use it. Home » My Latest Articles » Reviews » Windows 10 Review Is it worth upgrading.On the other hand in the first world countries most people will go with Mac OSX instead of Windows and Mac is still the best operating system in the world for productivity and not for gaming. Is it worth it to upgrade too windows 10 because they sell it for 30 euros on k1ng1un. Or should i wait a bit and upgrade the pc itself. Note: this pc in not being used for any sort of gaming.

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