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In HTML5 the humble anchor element has changed so it no longer requires any attributes, even the href attribute is optional and without any attributes the resulting element is known as a placeholder link, for example HTML page for this property: placeholder. Possible values: String that sets or retrieves the initial value. Default: this property has no default value. Example HTML code 1: This example illustrates the use of the placeholder attribute Placeholders.js is a JavaScript polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder attribute. Its lightweight, has zero dependencies and works in pretty much any browser you can imagine. Id like to have the field blank if javascript is turned off though, as when javascript is off the placeholder text stays when the field is selected. Unfortunately I cant use the HTML5 placeholder attribute instead of all this. Load the value on page load with JS. From Camel 2.10: Springs property placeholder can be bridged with Camels. See below for more details. The property placeholder is typically used when trying to do any of the following Examples. Basic example. HTML.

CSS. input border: 2px solid black padding: 3pxHTML. CSS. input: placeholder-shown text-overflow: ellipsis Hi Adam, How can i passthrough a placeholder with the value been read from a resource bundle for i18n having it not to be escaped?I am beginner of Java EE 7. Now I am learning JSF 2.2 by using Glassfish 4.0 and Eclipse. While I writing HTML5 support JSF 2.2, eclipse validator show a warning Placeholdem.js is a lightweight javascript plugin that animate the placeholder with a typewriting effect for input of textarea. The placeholder value will incrementally delete on focus, and restore on blur. Works with modern browsers that support Html 5 placeholder attribute. Enter HTML5 and the placeholder attribute--which uses no JavaScript at all! Another advantage of the new HTML5 placeholder attribute that previously, using JavaScript, once the user deleted the email example text and clicked elsewhere on the page, the input will be remain blank. In this tutorial, We will introduce you about the placeholder attribute of the