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.30-06 caliber, 22" barrel, S/N A 6969117. Checkered walnut stock.Winchester Model 1886 .38-56 Caliber Lever Action Rifle. Kerr Patent Percussion Revolver, Factory Engraved. Auctions. . Per Manufacturer, Fits Remington Auto loading models Four, 74, 740 742, 7400 and 750 Remington Pump action models Six, 76, 760, 7600.30-06 Mag Caliber. -US made quality by Triple K in San Diego. -Sweet little 10 rounder for this rare pump rifle.REMINGTON 750 WOODSMASTER. I was just given a brand new Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30.06 from the original owner, and I know NOTHING about this gun but IThey are good semi-auto riflesaccurate for being an autoloader (generally even more than your usual semi-auto assault type 7,62 rifle like a CETME or FAL, etc) Look at the Browning BAR in .308 , 3006 or 7mm Magnum nearly identical options and performance.Why is the Remington Model 742 known as the Woodsmaster? What are some affordable semi automatic rifles? The Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster is a semi-automatic rifle that was produced by Remington Arms from 1960 until 1980 in numbers around 1.4 million.Cartridge: .243 Win, 6mm Remington, .280 Remington, .30-06, .

308 Win. Action: Semi-automatic. Capacity At the inception, the Remington model 740 semi-auto was named the Woodsmaster, and came with a 22" barrel with a detachable 4 shot box magazine, being introduced in 1955, three years AFTER its companion, the 760 pump. This model 740 was probably only initially produced in 30-06. Have a 30-06 woodsmaster with 3x9 Tasco scope here. A coulpe of noticable scratches, wood is in stellar shape. Asking 275 obo. Trades- lets see em. Located in Buford, GA. Home » Firearms » Rifles » Semi-Auto » Remington Woodsmaster 742 30-06.

Rifle ready to go! Remington 30-06 with a Simmons 3.5-10 x 50 scope with adjustable power. Comes with a sling, padded case, one mag, and two boxes of Hornady Whitetail ammo. Remington Woods-Master .30-06 Review. Semi-automatic hunting rifle.Lightspeed shooting a .30 06 Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster rifle. This Site Might Help You. RE: 30-06 Remington model 742 woodsmaster.?With this type of semi-auto it is imparative that you keep the rifle clean and that is not the barrel I am talking about it is the receiver end. We have a used Remington 742 Woodsmaster semi automatic rifle for sale. This rifle is chambered in .30-06 Springfield. This comes as shown in pictures. Remington 308 742 Semi Auto.Woodsmaster Semi Auto 308. Source Abuse Report. Featured Gun Classifieds Remington Rifles - Semi-Auto. Remington Model 81 CALIBER 30 REMINGTON.REMINGTON 742 Woodsmaster Carbine .30-06 Semi-auto, Gas operated blued action, 4 shot detachable magazine, 18 1/2" bbl. Remingtons Model 750 Woodsmaster, introduced last yearand Bill Gail, Jr the 740 was the sleekest, smallest and lightest semiauto rifle capable of digesting the .30-06 family of cartridges.The first substantive changes to the 740/742 series came in 1982 with the Model Four/7400 series. Nice older Woodsmaster 742 in .30-06. We got about 2-2.5 MOA out of it. Not a precision rifle by any means, but more than enough for any Missouri deer hunter.Just one Remington 742 30-06 hanging around, FIL left it to me.he killed a of deer with it. Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster Semi-Auto Rifles: 1960 - 1980 Click Here To See - Image Of BDL Grade Rifle. And recall notice.I deer hunt with a Remington Woodsmaster 742 .30-06. Category: Main > Central Florida > Guns > Rifles in Holiday. Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30 06. Listing ID: 706850. Remington Woodmaster Model 742 Semi-Auto 30.06.40-3 Prueba de armas, rifle Remington 750 Woodmasterchunk1.flv. Gunsmith Remington Woodsmaster 3006 Model 742 Pt.2. Remington 750 first shots. . 20 Versatile Semi-Automatic Rifles. These picks will suit your needs from the range to the woods.Remington .750 Woodsmaster MSRP: 1,000. Website: Since calibers include .243 Win .270 Win 308 Win .30-06 Springfield, and .35 Whelen, the Woodmaster (Model 740: 1955-1959 Model 742: 1960-1980 Model 7400: 1981-2006). Type: Rifle. Caliber: .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester. Weight: ? Length: ? Barrel Length: 22 in (56 cm). Capacity: 4-round box mag. Fire Modes: Semi-Auto. Winchester Rifles - Modern Bolt/Auto/Single. .22 Boys Rifles. Autoloaders.Remington 742 .30-06 rifle 41 22 1973 Guns Rifles Remington Rifles Modern Other Remington Woodsmaster . Remington 742 woodsmaster .

30-06 springfield.Check the video below on Remington 7400 Semi Auto 30 06 review: But do you know what differs the AR rifles from the semi-auto ones? Remington Rifle Semi Automatic Viewing Gallery - Remington 22 Lr 597 Synthetic Semi Auto Second Rifle For Sale Buy For 163 149.Remington M7400 30 06. Remington Semi Auto 742 Woodsmaster 30-06 Rifle for sale. 30-06 Remington model 742 woodsmaster.? Firearm Recalls Warnings Index . 22 Long Rifle Ammunition. Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster Semi-Auto Rifles: 1960 - 1980 Click Here To See - Image Of BDL Grade Rifle. Listing ID: 1117939 remington 742 woodsmaster 30 06.It is a remington 742 woodsmaster in 3006. Comes with everything on the rifle and Im sure I have a few boxes of ammo around the house for it. The Remington Model 742, also known as the Woodsmaster is a semi- automatic rifle that was produced by Remington Arms from 1960 until 1980. It features a straight 4 round magazine and side ejection port as well as a free-floating barrel. Remington 22 Rifle Semi AutoRemington model 742 semi-auto woodsmaster caliber 308ARMSLIST - For Sale: Remington 742 30-06 w/ center point scope Remington Woodmaster Mo 742 30 06 Semi Auto Rifle. Remington 24 Semi Auto 22 Lr Rim Fire Delux Td.Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster. Remington 7600 In 30 06 Sprg. Armslist For Sale Remington 7400 Semi Auto 243 Cal. Remington 742 Woodsmaster ARMSLIST For Sale: REMINRemington Auto 30 06 Carbi Remington Hunting Rifles. Remington 742 243 Rifle. After walking around this rather large show for upwards of an hour, we came to a table where a dealer was selling large numbers of pump and semi-automatic Remington rifles.With the Form 4473 filled out, we were the proud owners of a Remington 740 Woodsmaster in .30-06! Pump Action Rifles. Semi Auto Rifles. Single Shot Rifles.Manufacturer. Remington. Model. 742 WOODSMASTER. Caliber. .30-06. Barrel Length. 22 inch. It is a 742 semi auto rifle chambered in .30-06. 120 yards wild boar head shot. 6mm Remington.280 Remington.30-06 Springfield 4-round magazine : The Remington Model 742, also known as the Woodsmaster is a semi the trades Im looking for are a little specific though. 56cm barrel, LOP 33.5cm, 4.1kg (scoped), German claw mounted Kahles Helia 6S1 reticule No.7A, proof 1972, condition 3 REMINGTON 742 WOODSMASTER Remington, Model 750 Woods American Rifleman NRA GunComparable Pics: Remington 742 30 06 Rifle. 30 06 Semi Auto Carbine. Share by Email. Remington 742 Woodmaster 30-06 Semi-Automatic Rifle - Used in Good Con - Unanswered Questions, Problems Issues. Remington Woodsmaster Model 742 30-06 - Продолжительность: 2:49 Code B 15 960Two Great Semi-automatic Rifles - Продолжительность: 7:39 USOG 44 943 просмотра.My older sister Elizabeth shoots 4 shots with a remington Woodsmaster model 742 .30 06 rifle. Image of Remington woodsmaster 742 (30-06) review.Image of Remington Woodsmaster 742 Assembly (2 of 2). Image of Remington 740 760 Series Pump and Semi-Auto Rifles Video Course AGI 148. What is the weight of a Remington 742 woodsmaster? Answer Carbine version - 6 1/2 lbs Rifle version - 7 1/2 lbs.How do you get your Remington woodsmaster 742 30 06 to cycle correctly? Remington 742 WoodsmasterRifle REMINGTON 750 Woodmaster Carbine Cal.30-06. Sin dejar a un lado la precisin caracterstica de los rifles Remington, el nuevo modelo 750 semiautomtico es el The one that caught my eye was his 742 Rem. Woodsmaster.742 in 30-06, Leupold scope and mounts. Shoots good (1" 100 yds) and never jams. Not a target rifle, but tough on deer. The Remington Model 742, also known as the Woodsmaster is a semi- automatic rifle thatRemington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 of 2)Remington Woodsmaster 742 Assembly (2 of 2) 37949- Remington 742 Woodsmaster Semi-Auto Rifle in 30-06. Very good bore. Steel bases. .30-06 caliber Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster semi-automatic rifle with a 22 barrel, checkered walnut stocks, and detachable four shot magazine. Comes with sling swivels and an adjustable military style leather sling. The Remington Model 8, and later the Model 81 Woodsmaster, was a classic John BrowningEach one had a shotgun, handgun and a semi-auto rifle. At least one of the rifles was a Browning BARThe 740 evolved into the 742, 7400 and 750 through the years, with the 750 being discontinued at the Remington WoodsMaster 742 30-06 Pictures Fixed PriceRemington 742 Woodsmaster 30/06 Rifle Barrel of the products sale prices within The Model 750 Woodsmaster features a restyled American walnut stock and fore-end with machine-cut checkering. Felt recoil is diminished by its ultra-efficient gas operated action. Specifications and Features: Item Number: 27077 Caliber: . 30-06 Springfield Carbine Weight: 7.25 lbs Barrel length Remington Woodmaster Model 742 Semi-Auto 30.06.White metal bead ramp front Step-adjustable semi-buckhorn rear[2]. The Remington Woodsmaster Model 740 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Remington Arms between 1955 and 1959.[1] The rifle had a 22-inch barrel and a How much is a remington semi auto 30 06 742 worth in good sh by Guest 7 Your Remington Model 742 in .30-06 Rifle for Sale Buy 30-06 Rifles. All Items Auctions BuyNow! There are 83 Find the . Remington Model 750 Woodsmaster Semi Automatic Rifle .

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