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This page briefly summarises the Equality Act 2010. Under the Act it is unlawful to treat anyone less favourably on the basis of the following protected characteristicsThe government plans to bring these exceptions into force in 2012 when the consultation is complete. . A: Brief description of policy/activity/project/practice: including its main purpose, aims, objectives and projected outcomes, and how these fit in with the wider aims ofThe new Housing Allocations Scheme places considerable emphasis on the needs of people in the protected groups under the Equality Act. A summary of how to avoid discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 when defining who can benefit from a charity. You can also view a colour PDF version of the Equality Act summary guidance. The aim of this handbook is to provide a brief overview of the Equality Act 2010 and to act as a reference guide. This chapter is not designed to be a comprehensive summary of equality law.Specific duties: The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. Name and brief description of policy being analysed Briefly summarise the policy including any key information such as aims, context etcThe Planning Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and supporting Town and County Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 set the October 2012. Equality and diversity policy for the judiciary. Contents.Equality Act: brief guide. The Act makes it unlawful, in a variety of ways and contexts, to discriminate against someone by reason of any one of these characteristics. GAD policy and the Development Cooperation Act While the policy note on equal rights and38 See for example Issue Brief 6 of the DAC Network on Gender Equality that specifically examines65 See the 2012 CEDAW Report for Belgium: Summary project of measures designed to implement the Equality act 2010: What do i nEEd to knoW? a summary guidE to your rights.The Equality Act 2010 simplifies the current laws and puts them all together in one piece of legislation. Also, it makes the law stronger in some areas. Equality Act 2010: Summary Guidance on Employment.2. Public Sector Specific Equality Duties (Scotland) The final regulations, which came into effect on 27th May 2012, can be accessed through this link: Specific Duties (Scotland). This briefing is an overview of the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 that have come into force and those that are still under consideration, with explanations of how the law has changed.

In summary Equality Act 2010. (Briefing note updated March 2012 to reflect Specific Duties Regulations and the proposed Scottish Specific Duties). Scottish Ministers duty Publication duty. Procurement. Details of the summary changes of the regulations can be found at: http Wed, 30 Jun 2010 10:42:00 GMT A guide to the Equality Act 2010 - Headway - Page 1 of 9 Equality Act 2010 (Briefing note updated March 2012 to reflect Specific Duties- discrimination and your rights a guide to the equality act 2010 - headway equality act 2010 summary - university of EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Job creation and growth with inclusion are imperatives that resonate today in every country.Work and Womens Economic Empowerment: Good Policy and Practice, Policy Brief (New York: UN Women) The World Bank, 2011, World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality Foreword executive summary introduction definitions methodology.rights, diversity and equality in the world of work, results of the ILOs PRIDE Project, Briefing note, 16 May 2016.Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

Australia. Sentencing Amendment (Historical Homosexual Brief summary. International comparison of the social environments regarding declining birthrates and gender- equality (Special Committee on the Declining Birthrate and Gender-Equality Council for Gender Equality). n Understand the Equality Act 2010 and the public sector equality duty. n Reflect on the role of the governing body in promoting equality of opportunity.n Understand how Ofsted will inspect equality issues from January 2012. Equality Act 2010 - Briefing. 1. Introduction The Equality Act 2010 harmonises and extends previous equalities legislation. It aims to make the legislation more consistent, clearer and easier to follow. This briefing summarises key issues in the Equality Act 2010 for higher Revised in August 2012, this briefing gives up to date information on equality bubble witch saga for mobile twisted metal 4 eboot Authorising structures (gaps, gates stiles) on rights of way. Winter 2012. Summarises the Equality and Diversity Policy for the Judiciary including the dignity at work statement and A brief guide to the Equality Act 2010. The aim of this handbook is to provide a brief overview of the Equality Act 2010 and to act as a reference guide. This chapter is not designed to be a comprehensive summary of equality law.Specific duties: The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. 30 October 2012. Crown copyright Produced by the Ministry of Justice. Crown Court means testing: the design of the scheme on implementation of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 - Equality Impact Assessment. Contents. Introduction Equality duties Summary Aims and Contents. Summary Chapter 1 Overview of the Act.Key points. The Equality Act 2010 provides a single, consolidated source of discrimination law.Following consultation on implementation and approach, the duty came into force on 1 September 2012. Equality Act 2010. Implications for colleges and HEIs. (revised August 2012). Contents. Aim of the Equality Act 2010 2.This briefing summarises key issues contained in the Act that HEIs, colleges and designated institutions should be aware of. June 13, 2011: Governor Cuomo hold briefing on support for the Marriage Equality Act.This webinar will provide an overview of the reporting and compliance requirements under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, including: - a summary of repo SPICe Briefing. Equality Act 2010. Nicki Georghiou.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The subject matter of the Equality Act 2010 is reserved, and for the most part applies to England, Scotland and Wales.These provisions, however, are not expected to come into force until April 2012. 2012]. N.y. marriage equality act income tax. 635. INTRODUCTION.3 Roberton Williams, The Tax Policy Briefing Book: Taxation and the. Family: What are Marriage Penalties and Bonuses?, TAX POLICY CENTER Equality Act 2010- A Guide to Diversity Equality.

published: 18 Jun 2012.A great asset to the guide is the useful summary of the Act in the introduction covering each Part with expertThis video briefing will give a better understanding of: the key provisions of the Equality Act and the 9 protected Equality Act 2010. (Briefing note updated March 2012 to reflect Specific Duties Regulations and the proposed Scottish Specific Duties).Factsheet Your rights The Equality Act 2010 a summary guide You ll find this factsheet useful if you want an outline of how the Equality Act 2010 protects people Version date: October 2016. Summary of the Equality Act 2010. Disability Under the Act a person is considered disabled if s/he has a mental or physical impairment that has an substantial and long-term negative effect on his or her ability to carry out normal daily activities.summary guidance on employment 3 equalityhumanrights introduction 4 the legal status of this guidance 5 who is protected by theequality act 2010 summary - university of edinburgh - page 1 of 9 equality act 2010 ( briefing note updated march 2012 to reflect specific duties regulations and the In this briefing note we focus on the most important aspects of the Act from an HR perspective, although the Act covers many other areas, includingThe Equality Act retains many of the Equal Pay Acts provisions.1 October 2010. April 2011 April 2011 April 2011 April 2012 not before 2013. Briefing: Equality Act 2010. The 1st October saw the introduction of most of the requirements from the Equality Act 2010. Definitions taken from the Equality and Human Rights Commission website www.equalityhumanrights.com This Briefing is based on: The Essential Guide to the Public Sector Equality Duty Vol. 1 of 5: Equality Act Guidance for English Public Bodies EHRC, January 2011 This Briefing aims to give the latest position and understanding about the Equality Act from a human resources perspective.Figure 1, produced by ACAS, gives a summary of the changes. The existing duties for disability, gender and race remain in place until April 2011. Equality Briefing. October 2012.The repealing of this area of the Equality Act makes for worrying times for all UCU members as it gives further ammunition to bullies to continue to harass and cause injury and stress to UCU members. Executive Summary.The EQIA on the suite of Police Workforce Regulations has been developed to consider the potential impact on equality of the suite of nine Workforce Regulations, the majority of which are made under section 48 of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, relating to the 2012. Rediscovering collective bargaining: Australias Fair Work Act in international perspective (New York, Routledge).Section 4.6 offers brief concluding comments.105 Mediation is subject to the Mediation Act 2012. Case Law Summaries. Other Publications. AMMA Activities Reports. There was a last minute statement from Mr PW setting out more allegations between July 2012 and November 2012.Then the substantial issue of the Equality Act defence. Should there have been a summary hearing on this issue at all? Kantian Categorical Imperative suggests that A person should act on that principles, and when everybody act like that principles become a universal law.The knowledge of pure ethical theory and a brief history of it help arousing this reflection in practical life. Personalisation briefing: implications of the Equality Act 2010.Discrimination on grounds of age when accessing goods and services is not currently protected. It is expected to be protected from April 2012. - Page 1 of 9 Equality Act 2010 (Briefing note updated March 2012 to reflect Specific Duties Regulations and the proposed Scottish Specific Duties) Thu, 25 Jan 2018 05:04:00 GMT Equality Act 2010 Summary - University of Edinburgh -speculation about the implementation of the Act. Original Publication: November 2012.Brief Summary.Extract from Document. The Equality Act 2010 (the Act) represents the culmination of years of debate about how to improve British equality law. Detailed information on the Equality Act 2010 is available on the government equalities website at www.equalities.gov.uk We recommend that you download the relevant summary guidance for your sector, all also available on the equalities website Equality Act 2010 About the briefing The briefing provides a summary of the key changes that affect disabled students and employees under the new Equality Act 2010. As the new act replaces the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 30 November 2012. Last UpdatedThe following notes provide only a brief summary of some of the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. Nevertheless, these are the key components and further information can be provided on request. The Equality Act 2010 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, and has the same goals as the four major EU Equal Treatment Directives, whose provisions it mirrors and implements. The primary purpose of the Act is to codify the complicated and numerous array of Acts and Regulations Under the Equality Act men and women whether in full-time or part-time employment should not be treated less favourably in relation to pay, benefits and terms conditions, where they are doing equal work.June 2012. Categories. The gender pay gap for 2012 was situated at 14.9. In 2014 the Equal Pay Act was amended so that companies with a minimum of ten employees areIt is an update of the briefing paper on The policy on gender equality in Denmark published in 2011 by the Directorate General for Internal Policies of IDS Employment Law Brief has published an extensive, in-depth analysis of the Equality Act 2010. The feature article, Equality Act 2010 the future of fairness?, reviews the main changes that the Act will introduce to discrimination and equal pay law. 2012 (5).

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