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Now when all the employees saw that mail. If they want to wish his/her through email they will click on reply or reply to all buttons. Now again i wrote an outlook macro which replaces To address field with his/her birthday person email id. Create, reply to the sender, reply to everyone on the To and Cc lines, or forward email message to others.See Also. Send email from an alias or different address. Organize email by using inbox rules in or Outlook on the web. Sometimes, when sending an email, you want the replies to go to a different email address than you sent the original from. You can do this in Outlook for individual messages or for all messages sent from a specific email account. You can specify a different reply addresses for the recipients in your Microsoft Outlook. This will be useful in many situations. For example say, you send a private email from the computer at your workplace. John Lenz <> wrote: > How do you change the reply-to address of an eMail that originates in > outlook 2003 as the client to an exchange server. When replying in Outlook directly, it works perfectly and outlook replies to the reply-to-address. But when we enable the out-of-office auto-reply, it replies directly to the from-address, means that it completely ignores the reply -to-address. Reminder. Please enter the email address associated with your User account. Your username will be emailed to the email address on file. Submit.But when we create rule in outlook it reply to Portal email not to Lead sended email, why? In this case, the replies will be sent to the address you will manually put in the Option settings.

Start Outlook and open New Email or use Reply, Reply All or Forward options for any existing email. Move to the Options tab on the ribbon and click Direct Replies To Solve the RSVP problem. Not many Microsoft Outlook users know this, but it is possible to specify a different reply to address than your own. This little trick is under Options within the New Email window for all versions Microsoft Outlook includes a function for specifying a Reply-To address, but this feature can only be manually applied in case by case situations, by changing the Reply-To address in the Options menu of the Outlook compose window.

All you need to do is, set a different reply-to address when you send out emails. And heres how you can do that on Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. We really need a way to set a specific reply to address as the default, not just on a per-instance basis. This would be quite helpful when testing or demoing Office 365 for potential clients. Outlook Express can do it, why not Outlook 2010? Receiving Replies at a Different Address Sending from Outlook Mail on the Web. You must have seen that Outlook Mail on the web does not allow you enter a Reply-to: address different from the one used in the From: line. When you have multiple accounts in your profile Outlook sometimes has a problem recognizing who "you" are and includes all email addresses in a Reply to All. Beginning with Outlook 2003, Outlook handles it better and as long as your address on the message is the one used as the From address Outlook 2007 and/or 2010. The reason I want to do this is that my supervisor runs a series of reports daily that are on a separate system and are emailed outFor me, I get an email from an automated system, and I have to review every single email. I then forward/ reply to a different email address. To change the email address to which replies are sent for an individual email message, open Outlook and select the account in the left pane from which you want to send the email. Then, click the New Email button in the New section on the Home tab. This tutorial steps you through setting a different reply to address in Outlook Express. It is often the case that you want to receive replies to your emails on a different email address than that from which you originally sent the email in such a scenario we will just make the appropriate settings in Outlook. Setting up separate accounts will give you a drop down menu to select which account you wish to send with.

Windows apps. OneDrive. Outlook. Skype. OneNote.While this wouldnt be an actual reply (no original message header would be added, "RE:" wont be added to the subject and youll have to remove the original "From" address), the original attachments and recipients will be left in-tact. X sends an email to Y and Z (Z being myself) Z hits reply to all to To: field is populated with X, Y, and Z (where obviously I would only want X and Y).When you do a reply-all and Outlook attempts to filter out your email address, it appears to only look at your default account for your address The next screen shows the two settings for this option: "Your From address" (default) replies to the email account used to send the message (as youll learn later, supports multiple send-from accounts). To change the email address to which replies go for this message, select the Options tab in the message window, and click on Direct Replies To (you can optionally make Outlooks ribbon always visible). allows you set up a secondary address to manage the replies to emails sent from your primary account. This step by step procedure explains how to add a Reply-To address: Connect to, click on the cog button > Settings. To set this up the outgoing mail message would have to show the reply to address different than the address the message was sent from.If you are using Outlook to send the mail, you can change the Reply E-mail: address setting for the account by Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook 2011 do not support the ability to change the reply to address. If users have multiple email accounts, how do you change the reply to address in Outlook 2003? Forgive me if this has been asked before, I did a search and found nothing. Our client has 1 SBS server with Exchange. Each user (obviously) has their own email address. The business has multiple branches/offshoots - most of which also have their own domain name. (This is so the company can easily be split up if and when the owner wishes to do so.) By default, the "Reply To" address will be the email address from which the message was sent. The following document explains how to change your " Reply To" address in Outlook 2013. I have been using Outlook 365 for over a year now but in the last month or 2, I have had several clients telling me their emails to me are being bounced back. After doing some digging and analyzing, I determined when the recipient replies to my email, the "reply to" address is filling in incorrectly. The Reply-To address on an email indicates where responses to that email are sent. By default, the email replies go to the email address that sent out the email. Sending from one address and getting replies at another is possible in Outlook. I have Outlook 2007 with a single IMAP mail account. I have a number of aliases configured for that account with my provider. Can I default Outlook to use one of those aliases for the "From" and "Reply-to" addresses when sending? Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. Have you ever received an email at work, then when you go to reply to it, the reply goes to someone else other than the person who sent you the email? This mix-up happened to me recently. In Microsoft Outlook, Create a New Email and Click Options, Direct Replies To. Check Box Have replies sent to: and Type in the Reply To Address and Click Close. To address the issue of replying, you need to set a different reply-to address in existing mailing services. The particular article will throw light on how you can set reply address in Gmail, and Yahoo mail. Receive Replies at a Different Address Sending from Outlook Mail on the Web. Outlook Mail on the web will not let you set a Reply-to: address different from your the address used in the From: line. A quite common problem on Outlook 2010 is that when you reply to all your e-mail address is automatically added on the TO field. Reason: This bug occurs when you have more then one Outlook account. How to solve If you or your organization uses Microsoft Exchange servers, users cannot permanently change their reply to address in Outlook. You can modify reply to addresses for individual mails, but not set it permanently. This wikiHow teaches you how to add a new email address to the Reply-to field in Outlook (2010 and later) for Windows. There is no option in Outlook to force it to always reply with the email address of your default account replies and forwards will always use the account that the message has been received with.change the address to the address that you want to send out with.(because they are not sent through an authenticated connection of the From email address) if the person receiving the email replies to it, the reply is going to be sent to the other email addresses that was specified in Outlook. That way when people replied to you, and more importantly, when they put you in their address book, they would use your forwarding email address. You can easily set this up by using Outlook or Outlook Express. Microsoft Outlook provides a SenderName property for the MailItem object, but no obvious way to get the senders e-mail address.We provide two functions here -- one to get the From address from a message and a second to get the Reply To address. While these are usually the same address When all the employees see that mail they can click on reply or reply to all. I wrote another Outlook macro which replaces To address field with his/her birthday person email id. The second macro is working on my system on any Outlook email which is open. In our team, all personal email addresses have same reply to email address specified in outlook so when clients replyto our emails, all emails delivered to same,single email address and everybody could read them. I previously asked this question about Outlook 2002. However, I also need the answer in the context of Outlook 2000. Is there a way to set a "Reply to" e-mail address in Outlook 2000? In Outlook, you can designate a specific Reply to address for one message at a time. Then, replies to that particular message will automatically go to the address youve specified. This new Reply to address overrides your default Reply to address. 1. Open Microsoft Outlook or your Microsoft Exchange-compatible email client. 2. Type the email address of the recipient into the To: field. 3. Click the downward pointing arrow next to your standard Reply To: address in the From: field. I want to change my reply address.of my POP3 mail such that, they are replied on to different mail ids. So in the reply address.I put thoseauthenticated and configured corrently in Outlook Express or else Outlook Express will be able to only be able to receive mails and not sent reply using this ids.) Why? Outlook is easily confused and doesnt know who you are, so it leaves all addresses on the message. You can delete the address from the message or use Reply to All Monitor or send it to yourself and use a rule to delete messages from you, to you.

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