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Any idea how can i make background image to height width 100 on IE11. Thanks.What you should instead be doing is adding the background image either to the "body" element or to your div wrapper. This code works in Firefox and in Chrome but not in IE (11). When I zoom out, the background is not scaled as it should be although the "background-size: 100 100" statement is valid CSS. Setting the height to 100 would have the same effect. If more space is needed, the div will still be allowed to stretch, especially with overflow set properly.I dont see why the code above would work in any browser but IE6. You can get away with setting a min- height or a height of 100 on a direct IE has trouble parsing flex-basis: 0. More information: flex property not working in IE.Make div 100 height of browser window. How can I transition height: 0 to height: auto using CSS? css problems in IE11 Im working on a web application and it goes without saying that cross browser is very important to me.This is not working in IE11 and the page height is bigger than 100 of the screen. Redrawing of the page performs very badly when there are a lot of large DIV elements with a combination of position "absolute", "fixed" orThe team is continually working to improve the experience of Internet Explorer and value user feedback to raise issues and help measure our progress. 100 height and footer at bottom. div height changed with IE. Height at 100 Not Working. how to create table height 100 ? overflow:auto (or scoll) and height:100. changed position to absolute removed bottom added height :100.Scrolling DIV Wont Work In IE. Wrapper Not Showing In IE Or Opera - Read Above Basically i am trying to create a side panel placed on the right that works in both ie11 and chrome when hovering on top of it, it opens and when coming out it closes.So this is the codepanel-content . border-radius: 10px 0px 0px 10px position: fixed right: 0 background: black height:100 I am working on custom checkbox ,its working good in chrome,mozilla, safari but not displaying proper in IE.

What I have tried:

<.height: 24px border-style: solid This works well in Chrome and Firefox but in IE11 the footer sits just after my main content.I found a semi-working CSS-only solution: min-height: 100vh height: 100px The extraheightwill enable IE to fill the screen vertically even if the content is not tall enough. .div max-height: calc(100 - 36px) !important overflow-y: auto overflow-x: hidden Does not work.

Do u have any recommendation on that? No it doesnt work It works in IE 11 for a second. then when I refresh. It just stop working. I thought that IE 11 had full support for flexbox properties but I get a different behavior than on Chrome/Firefox I simplified it to this simple example: Im trying to have a 100 height div with a flex child inside that also grows to 100 height. 100 height not working in IE8 The ASPNET Forums.IE 8 appears not to recognize height: 100 for divs. Mar 13, 2010Forums CSS Width: 100 problem with IE Preeminent March 12, div should be 100 across the screen. but it is not doing so in Internet explorer 7. This code works on Google Chrome, but the height is minimized in IE11 it expands only when I click on the links in menu. And also the font size increases in IE I need help. I tried setting the parent div height to 1000px this way it does not minimize the height. .faded background-color: red height: 100px opacity: 0.4 filter: alpha(opacity50) Here is my test HTMLUsing 3D transform flip is not working in IE11 (mine is different) So its working fine in all browsers except Internet Explorer (IE11). div class"buttonText" id"upload-file-container">Browse <.This is working correctly in IE8 to IE10 browsers.

But not in IE11. Below is my code SnippetFor IE11 you just need to define your CSS width and height of your upload-file-container input CSS rule. less. .div max-height: calc(100 - 36px) overflow-y: auto overflow-x: hidden compiled css.Google Fonts not working in Internet Explorer (IE) 11. IE11 style.maxHeight not set from css. Background image height width doest work on IE11. Forums CSS height 100 not working yardle September 15, 2009 at 3:30 am Im working on my first WordPress design and Im running into some problems with CSS. Its working for me and my layout breaks if I take it out. I have a problem in IE8. When click on compability level it work as should. Here is my codeSo did you figure out the problem? If not it is your that is causing the problem with height: 100 Try adding this to your form. CSS Opacity not working in IE11. Im trying to make the background-color of a tr opaque with this CSS: .faded background-color: red height: 100px opacity: 0.4 filter: alpha(opacity50) Here is my test HTML:

<. It works in firefox, and mostly works in safaribut theres about 300 extra pixels below the images in IE 6,7, and 8. What am I missing?
.Figured it out (just made all the divs 100 height, made a black background for each image to conceal extra spacing). This doesnt work if the outer div has a fixed height. Vertical center in a div with transform.Transform is supported by Chrome 63, IE11, Microsoft Edge 16, Firefox 57, Safari 11, iOS Safari 11.2 and Chrome for Android 62. This works because (thankfully?) IE treats "height" how "min-height" is supposed to be treated.Alternate Using Expressions (IE Only). div height: expression( this.scrollHeight < 501 ? .div max-height: calc(100 - 36px) !important overflow-y: auto overflow-x: hiddeninternet explorer - CSS min-height calc() dynamic property in IE11. vba - Internet Explorer automation not working with IE11. Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. I have a Google map which works in Chrome and Firefox but displays a blank white page in IE11. I have researched this and all the answers I have found point to IE11 needing a width:100 andAlways set the map height explicitly to define the size of the div . element that contains the map. / After upgrade of IE the content viewer is cut off on the page with a very short page height.Regression in Rendering elements with height100.sf:SitefinityLabel ID"descriptionLabel" runat"server" WrapperTagName" div" HideIfNoText"true" CssClass"sfDescription" /> <. myPinkDIV background-color:pink .box . height: 100pxKothapally. it is working fine with chrome but it is not working in IE11.Ya, sorry its working fine. i have given wrong div id. Thank you. Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook. CSS max-height not working in IE11.Any workarounds? I am not looking for a JavaScript fix. less. .div max- height: calc(100 - 36px) overflow-y: auto overflow-x: hidden height:100 does not work in IE, but it does in Firefox and Chrome. HTML File So I used a little trick to wrap my page inside a div and update divs height with javascript.0. .svg image on IE11 , height property does not work, but max-height does. 0. Experts Exchange > Questions > Flex sticky footer not working in IE11.I dont understand why but removing min-height: 100 from the content div seems to have fixed it. IE11 and even IE EDGE have some problems displaying the flex content but it can be overcome. I have tested it in most browsers and it seems to work. Some fixed i have applies are IE11 height bug, Adding height:100vh and min- height:100 to the html/body The intermediate element should be styled as follows: .child display:inline-block width: 100 height:100 position:relative . Here is the fiddle with the working solution on IE11 - but works on previous versions as well. .div max-height: calc(100 - 36px) !important overflow-y: auto overflow-x: hidden No it doesnt work It works in IE 11 for a second. then when I refresh. It just stop working. I hate IE now. nilveryboring Apr 8 14 at 21:15. position:absolute background-color:green width:100 height:100Q1. Could anybody suggest changes to the code so that it also works in IE? Q2. How to make it responsive. In IE, Divs width are working fine but height is becoming only of 2 px What is the problem behind it? for (var y 1 y < value y) .Div width 100 minus fixed amount of pixels. 1530. How to make a div 100 height of the browser window? and this does not have 100 height on its parent. I should have the code like below to have 100 heightThis is to wrap the router-outlet part to have 100 height to parent in the component --> <. div style"position: relative height:100 min-height: 100 My second question therefore is: Is there a clean possibility to get the Media Object example working in IE? AnswersUse another flex container to fix the min-height issue in IE10 and IE11: HTML. < div class"ie-fixMinHeight">
<. .faded background-color: red height: 100px opacity: 0.4 filter: alpha(opacity50) Email codedump link for CSS Opacity not working in IE11. Email has been send. Apparently, IE 11 ignores width/height inside display:table-cell. The solution that almost worked, see CodePen. It works in Chrome (left), IE10(middle), but NOT in IE11 (right)cell display: table-cell height:100px vertical-align: middle text-align:center Answered by: IE 11 Div With "border-radius" Bug.Ive just upgrade to Windows 8.1 with IE 11 and suddenly the web site I am working on has a CSS problem, which was not there in IE 10, or Chrome.This is 100 a bug. IE 6 in semi-standards compliant mode sidesteps this but this issue can still be triggered by quirks mode. Two div elements.element, anotherelement background: 95CFEF border: solid 1px 36F width: 100px height: 150px margin: 30px padding: 10px float: left If not working on IE11. It will works byimg max-width: 100 height: auto vertical-align: bottom CSS 100 height in ie Div 100 height works on Firefox but not in IE. Am I missing a container or is there a special way to make this happen in IE and Firefox? This is my first time messing with 100 height in css. .faded background-color: red height: 100px opacity: 0.4 filter: alpha(opacity50) Here is my test HTMLEverything works fine in IE9,10 FF24 Chrome 31, but not in IE11. Please keep in mind that I dont care about the content of the table rows, only the background opacity. Ie Height 100 Not Working.Ie11 Height Issue I just using: html,body,form margin:0 padding:0 height:100 divcontainer positionrelative margin:0 auto width: 1200px min- height:100 I dont know why itdid not work before, but now it. .my-svg-container display: inline-block position: relative width: 100 padding-bottom: 38.5 / depends on svg ratio, for my zebra height/width 1.2 so padding-bottomBTW. The code may not work in other browsers. I know how to filter IE11. JS (without jQuery), CSS, SVG and HTML allowed. advancedrei Im also interested to know how/if you got it working in IE 11. This is such a clean solution for a sticky footer yet IE just had to ruin it marcobarbosa setting height: 100 will cause other browsers to break. And with IE11, theres no good way to conditionally add CSS. In the code you have both max-height and min-height set to 100px Why do this if height is already set to 100px? These are used to be more flexible in my opinion not just to set them the same as the height.css is not working in magento2. 1.

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