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Supported Video Signal. DVI, HDMI, VGA. HDCP compatible. yes. Video Adapter Features.PNY. Model. GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Bundled with. ESEA Premium Gaming Server (3 months subscription). Packaged Quantity. Driving up to 22.5 faster the gaming performance of competing GPUs, Palit GeForce GTX 550 Ti allows you to enter the incredibly detailed world of DirectX 11. Whats new in this version: Adds support for the newly released GeForce GTX 590, GeForce GTX 560 Ti and GeForce GTX 550 Ti GPUsIncreases performance for GeForce 400 Series and 500 Series GPUs in several PC games vs. v266.58 WHQL drivers Adds NVIDIA Update feature 32 bit. GEFORCE GTX 550 Ti Video Card pdf manual download.bus architecture offering the highest data transfer speeds for. the most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications, while. 5. Requires other HDCP-compatible components. 6. blu-ray 3D playback requires the purchase of a Compared with the closest competitive product, the GTX 550 Ti is up to 50 percent faster in todays newest DX11 tessellated games, and 38 percent fasteri in previous-generation DX9 and DX10 games.AMD FX Zambezi Processors Compatible with Asus AM3 Below is a list of games which should run on a NVIDIA GeForce 500 GTX 550 Ti. 300 out of 440 Games Listed.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: Arctic Games IGI 2 Covert Strike. Though the GTX 550 Ti (and, by extension, Zotacs AMP! Edition) is lower down on the price scale, its not so inexpensive that the usual gaming-card caveats dont apply. At least they shouldnt be too daunting for most consumers Technical Specifications Features: Chipset: Axle3D GeForce GTX 550 Ti Memory: 3 GB DDR3 Core Frequency: 900 MHz Memory Frequency: 1000 MHz Bus Support: PCI-E 2.0 x 16 ( Compatible with 1.1) Memory Bus: 192 Bit Video Output: DVI CRT HDMI CUDA Cores GTX 550 ti Tested On 9 Games From 2017 - Is it a playable experience?Palit GTX 550Ti Ещё могёт? - Продолжительность: 5:55 Without Concept 10 657 просмотров. GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Compare and Buy. Supported Technologies.SLI requires sufficient system cooling and a compatible power supply. See list of SLI-Certified components for more information.Upgrade your GPU to full 3D capability with NVIDIA 3DTV Play software, enabling 3D gaming, picture Because gtx is new seriesdx11 already. .chipset etc. So recommended for the new gamesu can be compare both with 3Dmarkand see the resultSorry, i begin to read about this today, i have a GTX 550ti, if im installing from 0(without snow leopard), in a hardware compatible pc, when i need to use English. Game Finder. Video Card Gpu.NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Compatible Games. Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition System Requirements. 170. 3.00 (1). Is the Geforce Gtx 550 Ti compatible with my computer?Why does my Computer keep crashing? Everytime i play games it turns off and i have to unplug it fron the power supply for it to boot up? Graphics Cards - Fast and affordable, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti is great for enjoying DirectX 11 games at resolutions up to 1680 x 1050.(Requires other compatible components that are also HDCP capable.) OpenGL 4.1 Optimizations and Support Full OpenGL support, including OpenGL 4.1. GTX 550Ti. Get your PC ready to dominate this years blockbuster game titles like Crysis 2 and Duke Nukem Forever.The Accelero Hybrid III-120 features a versatile, problem free mounting system that allows this cooler to be the most compatible, y gtx 550 ti. GTX550TI GDDR5 192BIT Gaming PCI-E Video Card Computer For EVGA NVIDIA GeForce.GPU is GTX550Ti Chip Upgrade. Built-in 192 stream processors, support DirectX 11, which brings more realistic effect in the game. Bus i The Nvidia GTX 550 Ti can be had pretty cheaply these days, but how well can it run modern day games, and should it be used in a budget PC build?CPUs) Memory: 8GB Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB Sound Card: 100 DirectX 10 compatible HDD Space: 65GB hi brothers i want to buy gtx 550 ti and i dont know if it compatible with my cpu components or not so this is a snapshot of all my cpu component.I got on cube world for about 5 minutes and my graphics card fan got extremely loud so I got scared and shut down the game but the fan was still blaring.

Powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX550 Ti.DirectX 11 Done Right. Brings new levels of visual realism to gaming on the PC and get top-notch performance. Microsoft Windows 7 Compatible. Zotac GTX 550 Ti, GPU 1000MHz source. Related posts: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost Launched.NVIDIA GeForce Game ready driver 391.01. LunarG releases new Vulkan SDK for macOS. , , Hi guys, im have been reading through the forums for a while but i have found a clear answer on if the GTX 550 TI is compatible with mountain lion the reason im asking is because its available in the local market here and i only plan to have it for watching HD movies on my Hackintosh and light gaming. Fast and affordable, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti is great for enjoying DirectX 11 games at resolutions up to 1680x1050. At its price, its also the quickest and most affordable way to upgrade your PC ready for the newest games. HP Part Number: 651787-001 Compatible Part Numbers: 69CV04200A02 It makes for a good bargain, but even with overclocked speeds, things dont change much for the GTX 550 Ti in its competitive.GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of 550 Ti vs 1030 among all GPUs. Gaming. The latest GeForce GTX 550 Ti from NVIDIA could well be the solution. This US 149 card is fast enough to run most of todays titles without noticeable slowdowns, and should be affordable enough for most value-conscious gamers looking for a budget card to play games with. GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Compare. Average G3D Mark.Search for GeForce GTX 550 Ti from the Featured Merchants below: Browser adblocker software has been detected and enabled for our website. The maximum power consumption of this model is 116 Watt. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is compatible with SLI technology, and will perform considerably better in games when paired with a similar graphics card. Best PC compatible Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti Graphics.The driver support for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti is now fairly poor, so dont count on any new game optimizations. You may also encounter more and more graphical oddities as newer games are released. Comparing performance of NVIDIA MX150 introduced in May 2017 against NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti aired on March 2011 in games and benchmarks. In addition, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti form factor dual-slot, with a maximum power of 110W, and is compatible with HDCP and SLI.93 AMD Ryzen 5 2400G synthetic and gaming benchmarks emerge. GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Im not here to be told that budget gaming is crap and that I need to spend more because I no this BUT I only have a budget of about as long as you have the slot type on your motherboard that is compatible with your graphics card, and Delivering as much as 6x the gaming performance of previous generation graphics, GeForce GTX 550 Ti transforms your computer into a next-gen gaming powerhouse, so you can dominate the competition.GeForce GTX 550 Ti is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. GTX 750ti compatible games. By babi, December 28, 2016 in Graphics Cards 5 replies.Blue 1TB HDD 7200 RPM »« ASUS H110M-K DDR4 Motherboard »« Super Flower Leadex Silver 550W Fully Modular PSU »« Tecware Alpha White/Black Case »« Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit Games. Memory. Wearables.The GTX 550 Ti and the GF116 are apparently pin-to-pin compatible with the GF106 (the one behind the GTS 450) and thus should be paired up with a similar PCB to the one seen on the GTS 450. This group is for all gamers who use the GTX 550 Ti VGA (no matter the manufacturer), here people can talk and ask about this VGA performance with different CPUs, different rigs and on different games! GeForce GTX 550 Ti/PCIe/SSE2/3DNOW! Different driver versions may have different feature sets, and we may have conflicting reports from the same driver version. There is a column for each distinct set of reported features. Original Post. Geforce GTX 550 Ti 11fps.11. My system runs a win 7 home premium 64-bit version and has 6 cores 3800 MHz and 16 GB RAM. The graphic settings of the game are at the lowest that I can set. На этой странице вы можете бесплатно скачать NVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti Драйвер.New features and performance since last WHQL-certified driver. Game-changing performance boost of up to 45 in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, "the fastest selling title in Steams history". Compatibility:List of compatible Device Ids(1722). Released: 21 Jan 2015.Description:Driver for NVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti The new GeForce Game Ready driver, release 347.25 WHQL, is aligned with todays launch of the new GeForce GTX 960. Compatible GeForce 10 Series: - NVIDIA TITAN Xp, NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal), GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GeForce GTX[1954654] - [GeForce GTX 780/780 Ti][NieR:Automata]: The screen may freeze during gameplay. game mayUsing warez version or not proper geforce gtx 550 ti driver install is risk. solved URGENT!Is gtx 550 ti compatible with my motherboard?lfkfkfkffsAug 27, 2016, 8:10 PM. Just see if your 550 ti can play your current games, then wait until the holidays then upgrade your whole system. While in theory GTX 660 in SLI can beat GTX 680 gaming experience with single card is better due to micro stutter, frame times, driver and game compatibility etc.GTX 550 Ti osx lion agpm edit i show you how to do it for better graphics. GTX 550 Ti have everything you need to spoil your senses.Play all the latest games in full 3D with 3D Vision and GeForce graphics. GeForce GTX 560 Ti has 5 times faster FPS versus Radeon HD 6870 in Microsoft DirectX 11SLI requires sufficient system cooling and a compatible power supply. The GeForce GTX 550 Ti delivers the firepower you need to dominate in hot new games like Duke Nukem Forever.SLI requires sufficient system cooling and a compatible power supply. See for more information and a listing of SLI-Certified components. Not repaired, not demolished GPU-Z information Condition: Used, Condition: fully tested and 100 functional.good condition, Brand: ASUS, MPN: ENGTX 550TIDCTOPDI1GD5, Memory Size: 1GB, Compatible Port/Slot: PCI Express x16ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti video card game card. Same price, gtx 660 everytime, not all games benefit from sli :) , Unless its like an amazing bargain for 550 ti. i would say gtx 660.GeForce GTX 550 Ti Extras. View Compatible Hardware PC Builder. The ability for manufacturers to customise cards with the GTX 550 Ti GPU is evident by just looking at a few examples.I know that it "should" be backwards compatible, but does it work that way in reality for this card? Full support for NVIDIA PhysX technology, enabling a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a moreSee for more information. 2 A GeForce GTX 550 Ti GPU must be paired with anotherSLI requires sufficient system cooling and a compatible power supply. NVIDIA SLI readiness enables two ZOTAC GeForce GTX 550 Ti Multiview graphics cards to work together and deliver up to twice the performance of a single card for the ultimate gamingPCI Express 2.0 interface (Compatible with 1.1). Microsoft DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.1 compatible. Forum Start > Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 3 - PC > GTX 550 Ti Users?Pay no attention to The nvidia website and there settings for the game its bullshit. The 550 Ti is directx 11 compatible not a bad card for the money.But you will not play bf3 on ultra. MSI. Model: GTX 550 Ti. Device IdDownload Now or Find compatible BIOS.04:06 by THEEGG. Racing games for PC (19). 03:09 by Apocalypsee. TPUs Nostalgic Hardware Club (6340).

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