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Ubuntu :: Find Out Which Ftp Server Installed? Ubuntu :: Cannot Find Downloaded And Installed AA3? Ubuntu :: Cant Find Installed Program / Where To Get That?I have just installed the package monodevelop on Ubuntu 10.4 and wanted to try it out.Im a long-time .NET developer using In this tutorial, we will show you how you can install RPM packages on Ubuntu. Debian-based systems such as Ubuntu and RedHat-based systems such as CentOS are mostly similar in their design. How do I find what version of GTK I have installed on a Solaris box? How do you find out which packages installed has apache2 as its dependency? When installing softwares like nginx on an Ubuntu dpkg-query. This tool lists the installed packages as well as some other information. It accepts a pattern for finding matching packages.Another useful tool for listing both the installed packages and information on out-of-date packages is apt-show-versions. It is not part of the base Ubuntu Find file. Branch: master.Let the folder name as ubuntu-install-package.You signed out in another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. Ubuntu Find out EXACTLY what shell is being used. So I was browsing the web today and came across a post where an individual was interested in finding out what shell they are using.Ubuntu How to find out if a package is installed or not? Then install CUDA by executing the following command. After a couple of minutes the installation would succeed and you should a screen similar to the following.How to find out the recently installed package on Ubuntu/Linux Mint. Leave a reply. List all packages.Check if package is installed. How to find out if a specific package is installed on Debian? 1.

How do I install LXDE offline into debian? 3. Whats the regex in this package installation?Ask Ubuntu. linux ubuntu gtk gnome. 0.This suggestion will tell you which minor version of 2.0 is installed. Different major versions will have different package names because they can co-exist on the system (in order to support applications built with older versions). Cannot install packages using node package manager in Ubuntu.

0. Apache2 installation failed. 0. How to install apache2 in Ubuntu.How can I find out what surprise my wife wants? Are humans Gnathostomates? Sometime you need to find out which package installed a particular file on your system. This may be because you need to reinstall the package or because you need to mirror the set-up on one system on another machine.rpm -qf /path/to/file. or Debian/Ubuntu systems you can run. location: linuxquestions.com - date: April 29, 2011 I have already done the installation process following the guide on Ubuntus site, got everything up andlocation: linuxquestions.com - date: May 24, 2006 Is there a way to find out what packages have been installed on an Ubuntu system. You can use dpkg command to find out which package owns a fileTags: package-management (Next Q), updates (Next Q). In Ubuntu, once a release is out the software one has installed receives security updates only. Specifically I need to find out if a package called libtool is version 1.5.x.x in Ubuntu version 8.04LTS. I have a copy of that version, but was hoping I wouldnt have to install it just to find this out. Thanks for any advice, it most appreciated! Installing. More info. Backup/Restore installed packages. Debian/Ubuntu packages. PEAR packages (for web servers). Glossary.To find out which one you are using, open Applications Accessories Terminal, type uname -m then hit the enter key. For instance, I wanted to see which php packages I had already installed through apt-getHow to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows. How to Find Out Which Version of Android You Have. For additional binary packages for R (currently 3,600), check out the CRAN2deb4 ubuntu PPAThe R packages for Ubuntu otherwise behave like the Debian ones. One may find additionalThe R packages part of the Ubuntu r-base and r-recommended packages are installed into the directory The Debian package file normally has the extension as Application-name.deb. Note: To Install any Application in Linux, you need to become superuser. Installing Application using Package in Ubuntu Manually. Question. Is there any way I can find all the default installed packages for a given Ubuntu version, like Xubuntu 16.04.3 x86?Unix [SOLVED]: how to take out only unique words from a file that are not matching with any other words in any files(two or more files)? It is easy to install or remove any software in Ubuntu, but what about the exact package name and details of that software which you want to install and uninstall??.This command is used to find out the dependencies and reverse dependencies for a package. You can also find out package information with dpkg. Read this article for more info.How to Install VLC on Mageia 3 and Mandriva. 4 Commands for Checking If a Package is Installed in Ubuntu and Debian. Ubuntu find installed packages. I was trying to find out if weve got any kind of squid reporting installed on our proxy server. Just going though the /etc folder didnt cut it, so I did: aptitude search squid. To find out if a particular package is already installed in Ubuntu, we can use the dpkg package manager. dpkg -l package-name Change package-name to the name of your package. For example, if How do I find out what packages have been installed since the OS was installed?So once you have this file, just compare the package listing in it against the listing of all installed packages in your Ubuntu using comm command. How to find out the lifespan of Ubuntu Packages. ubuntu-support-status show-all command shows the lifespan of Linux Ubuntu packages installed on the system. Ive put together a short writeup on what kind of newness you can expect from the next iteration of clfu. Check it out here.11. Up Down. List your largest installed packages (on Debian/Ubuntu). Please note that Synaptic is not included in default installation. To install it, use Ubuntu Software Center or open a terminal and useHow to find out if a program is installed in my system? You may use Synaptic (just search for this package), or using command line Find all user-installed packages. up vote 36 down vote favorite.Just for grins, I put together a one-liner (here split for clarity) that figures out packages manuallyHow to list manually installed software packages in Ubuntu? 0. Mac Packaging: proposal for a new method(suggestions please). 1.1 Ubuntu official repos, 1.2 Ubuntu PPA, 1.3 Manual compilation 2.2 Find extra packages to install using Synaptic, 2.3 Locally installed LaTeX files, 2.4 Tip: Use MPM with The version of LyX in Ubuntu 12.04 is 2.0.2, already out-of-date. Today, a friend of mine asked me how to check the latest available version of a package in the Ubuntu repositories. He just wanted to know the packages version without installing it.Now, you might ask, is this package (Chromium in our case) is installed or not? Its easy to find out too. replacing "PACKAGENAME" with the package you want to find out the PPA for. Example: apt-cache policy oracle-java7- installer.Enable Hardware Acceleration In Chrome / Chromium Browser [Quick Tip]. Install Ubuntu On Your Chromebook Using Crouton. You can use dpkg command to find out which package owns a file: From man dpkg: -S, --search filename-search-pattern Search for a filename from installed packages. Find out why.See the list of installed packages in Linux Mint/Ubuntu using command line - Duration: 2:09. linuxforever 5,402 views. But you can also install new packages on top of that to enhance your Ubuntu experience as a user. Sometimes it is necessary to find out how many packages are installed, whether a specific package is installed or not, what version of that package is installed Are there any means to find them out? Related to : [ubuntu] How to find out useless packages?Ive installed Intrepid on a laptop to try it out. Ive come from a background of using first RH and then Gentoo for about 10 years and theres a few packages I cant find. If I were to use one of them, what is the easiest way of finding out/listing what is already installed, including things like locations and versions?Scripting installation of a virtual package provider on Debian/Ubuntu. Refresh patches - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch - update debian/patches/ ubuntu-ua-string-changes.patch Drop patches fixed upstream - removeUsing apt-listchanges. It would be nice if we could get this list whenever we installed a package. When you arent exactly sure which Ubuntu package has the files you need, use these handy command-line tools to find out.To install a program on Windows or Mac OS X, you would insert a CD or download an installer from the Internet and run it. See what version of Linux Ubuntu is installed on your PC.There are also some alternate Terminal commands to find Ubuntu version.How To Fix Broken Packages In Ubuntu via Terminal. Install Geary Email Client in Ubuntu Linux. So, what is the correct command to find out the list of installed dependent package to that "target" package?Ubuntu: Reinstalling Ubuntu via Terminal. Ubuntu: shared lib libmp.so.3 not found. Ubuntu: How can I copy a gtk theme? On this page. Finding Out Package Dependencies With apt-rdepends On Debian/ Ubuntu.apt-get install apt-rdepends. If you are on Ubuntu and are not logged in as root, use. One of them is the way packages are installed and managed. dpkg (Debian Package Manager) is a command found in every Ubuntu installation.Finding out the release version of your Unix. apt-get behind proxy. The Debian and Ubuntu package management tools provide a great way to keep your systems list of available packages up-to-date.List Files Installed by a Package. To find out which files a package is responsible for, you can use the -L flag with the dpkg command To do this, find the site-packages or dist-packages directory to which easy install will have installed. See Debian and Ubuntu Python package paths for an description of the paths to which Python packages can get installed on Debian / Ubuntu. You can check the location of installation Join the conversation. Add your thoughts about any Tweet with a Reply.

Find a topic youre passionate about, and jump right in. Learn the latest. Get instant insight into what people are talking about now. Because this book focuses on Ubuntu, descriptions will differ from other Linux systems most prominently in the areas of packaging, installation, and GUI administration tools.You can find out more about the Ubuntu install methods on the Ubuntu wiki at https Or if you are a Windows user who has switch to Ubuntu and is not familiar with how to check when a package was installed. Fortunately there are a few ways to find out. In this article, well look at how to view installed packages by date using Synaptics Package Manager and from the command prompt See package installation date and time.How to find out if package is installed in Linux. How to check Debian/ Ubuntu Linux package version using apt-get/aptitude command. This suggestion will tell you which minor version of 2.0 is installed. Different major versions will have different package names because they can co-exist on the system (in order to support applications built with older versions).

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