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The evolutionary need of Aquarius on the 7th house tends to give partners that either reveal the natives insecurities, or a partner that brings out humanitarian tendencies in the native. Leo Ascendant and Nature of House Lords. Sun as 1st Lord. Dear Raj ji, you have explained about ascendents till Leo and then suddenly stopped for others ascendant.Dear Raj Ji, I have ketu in lagan singh (leo ), saturn and mars in 2nd house, venus in 3rd, sun in 4th, mercury in 5th, moon and rahu in 7th house , jupitor in 8th house. When some wants to know what planet in what house does what, or what planet in what sign does what, this is the channel they come to.All About Leo Rising Sign by KRSchannel - Learn Astrol 6 years ago. Sun in Aries in Astrology Read about what does Sun in Eighth House mean? Know about importance of planet sun in 8th house of a Horoscope, effect of Surya in 8th house.Sun Sign. Ascendant. Sun in First House as per Vedic Astrology. Know result of planet Sun in 1st House.If the Ascendant is Cancer and is occupied by the Sun, the native will have swollen eyes, if it be Aries with Sun therein, his sight will be weak and in Leo the Sun makes him night-blind. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter by - Planets in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.Sun is one of the three ascendants in Vedic astrology.Sun in 6th house. I have leo ascendant and my sun is placed in the second house (in hast nakshtra) but I am in academic profession.kapiel raj I have never read or heard this accurate information on sun in 2nd house for Leo ascendent. hats off mate. 7th house has Leo sign and lord is Sun So Venus is most benefic for Aquarius Ascendant.What happens when lord of 6th(sun) and 8th ( Venus) sat in 12th house Aquarius sign?. Mar 25, 2014.

Sun rule your seventh house its means you are Aquarius ascendant. By Astro Pankaj Seth On October 26, 2016October 26, 2016 In Leo ascendant Tagged astrology, hindu astrology, Leo ascendant, sun, Sun for Leo ascendant, sun in 8th house, Sun in Pieces Sign, vedic astrology Leave a comment. I have eo ascendant,sun in 7th house, mars and venus together in 8th house ,Jupiter in 4th house. Will i join my love with details 18-01-1983, 16:12 hrs, Srirangam.

Kindly give the predictions. For scorpio Ascendant Moon in 7th house is good as exalted. Sun in pieces in 5th and jupiter in gemini in 8th can make you a consultant, counselor, healer or a medical professional generally.Rahu and Jupiter in 8 th house for Leo ascendent. Sun: The degrees of Sun in the 9th house is not known. L9 in 9th: Native may be religiously inclined, may travel abroad and earn money and distinction thereby.ANSWERS As per your question, In Sagittarius Ascendant, Jupiter rules 1st 4 th house and is placed in 9th house in Leo Sign. When you overlay your Sun onto the chart of your partner, you can gain plenty of insight into how you affect that person, and what areas of their life you take particular interest in. The basic idea is this: If your Sun is at, say, 3 degrees of Leo, what house would your Sun occupy in your partners chart? Ascendant Leo and sun sign in Aries. Read how the stars influence your sex life, relationship, love and dating.Houses. Rising Sign Ascendant 7th House Descendant The 5th House The 8th House. Leo:- Sun will be transiting through your second and third house during the month.This month will give generally good results due to transit of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Sun in favorable houses for those who are born with Libra as their Moon Sign/ Ascendant. An 8th house Sun person has many ways of simulating death, in order to get acquainted with the biggest mystery and prepare himself to experience it.Latest posts by Xaos (see all). Leo Ascendant - February 25, 2018. Sun being Ascendant lord place in 8th house is so weak and again in friendly house. So what results one will get see in detail in this Video.This Video gives description about Sun position in 8th house in Leo Ascendant. Sun/Ascendant Combinations-Pisces Sun/Leo Ascendant. Следующее видео. Sun In The Eight House of Astrology Birth Chart (sun in the 8th house).Sun and Venus conjuncton in Astrology. Understanding the 8th house in Astrology/Horoscope. Sun is lord of the 4th house in Taurus ascendant this placement gives native property and vehicle. Native enjoy good relationship with her mother.He would be financially well in his life. Sun in first house in Leo Ascendant I have Saturn in 8th house in Aries, with square to Sun-Cancer and Jupiter-Capricorn ( Sun and Jupiter are in opposition).I believe its my Leo Ascendant coming into play here. .. Anyway--thanks for the very interesting read! Sun/Ascendant Combinations-Leo Sun/Capricorn Ascendant.Understanding the 10th house in Astrology/horoscope. KRSchannel - Learn Astrology. 2nd House has Leo sign and Lord is Sun.So their speech are looking good. Spirituality is other mental behavior of cancer Ascendant(5th house scorpion and 9th Pisces Sign both are very spiritual sign due to water element and 8th and 12th house of kalpurush). Sun in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius, Leo Ascendent, Venus in 2nd house, Saturn in 2nd house - How am I? I have sun,mercury,jupiter,venus in 1st house with leo ascendant.plz tell me d effects? does any yoga form? All About Leo Rising Sign Leo Ascendant In Astrology.Understanding the sign of Aquarius in Astrology. Sun in 6th house in Capricorn for Leo ascendant in Astrology. This Video is applicable to Leo Ascendant only. Thanks For Watching. All About Leo Rising Sign Leo Ascendant In Astrology.Sun in Leo in Astrology (Leo Horoscope personality revealed). 18 June, 2013. Sun In the First House of Astrology Birth Chart (sun in the 1st house). Sun in 8th House: Career and Character - Duration: 18:26. Lada Duncheva 28,809 views.All About Leo Rising Sign Leo Ascendant In Astrology - Duration: 14:12. KRSchannel - Learn Astrology 130,269 views. venus with saturn in 8th house so native may struggle in Venus mahasabha related health and wealth. But its ok native may relief in moon and Jupiter antar dasha, mars also give good result if mars placed in good house in leo ascendant.

Taurus ascendant ,mercury nd ketu in 10TH house ,its effects,saturn,mar s,raThis Might Interest You. If Jupiter or Saturn is placed in 6th, 8th or 12 th house, people should not visit temples or pilgrim. Leo Ketu in first, Sun in Twelth and Mars in 8th. Be it in 8th house in Virgo one may think that what he is doing is sin but being human its okay to do some sins and repent for it.How planets act in Leo Ascendant. Sun being lord of ascendant is the most auspicious planet. I know a Leo 8th house sun and a Gemini 8th house sun who are both extremely Scorpionic.A Quick Salute to the Scorpio Stare (Via the Ascendant). Scorpio Tip 28: You returned Scorpios intensity now the Scorpio is M.I.A! Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna). If Sun and Venus are in same sign in Navamsa chakra, the native will make huge amounts of money from trading. Venus conjnct Mars in 4 th house, makes native enjoy his wealth to the maximum. Involving Ascendant, 4th house and 8th house in at least one of these will indicate the possibility. Yearly and Daily Age Harmonics. The Descendant at 22Leo29 is conjunct natal 2nd cusp and square his natal Sun at 22Scorpio25. With Leo as ascendant, the placement of the Sun there is an ideal position for him and naturally very favourable results will follow.One Makar Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) native had Sun in Aries (exalted) in the 4fh house. Sun in 12th house in Cancer for Leo ascendant in Astrology.4th House of Material pleasure, Emotions, lifestyle by Dr Dharmesh Mehta. Sun in Aquarius in Astrology (Aquarius Sun personality secrets revealed). Leo ascendant: - 1. If the ascendant lord Sun and career lord Venus associates in same NAVANSHA, the native will be wealthy by trading. 2. If strong career lord Venus is posited in 4 th house with luck lord Mars, native get happiness by wealth. For Leo Ascendant people, Sun rules the 1st house of chart with its sign Leo. So, lets look at 1st house and Leo too. 1st house/Ascendant - It is your self, personality, overall health, life path and head in human body etc. Lung Cancer Treatment Works On Non-sun Melanoma. Sun Safety - Spotting Skin Cancer (5min 25sec). Sun In 10th House In Cancer For Libra Ascendant Ascendant lord Sun in 8th house means, it is in Pisces. Here the sun is not exalted.i am an aries ascendent with mars in the 8th house ie vrichika.but born on dasami thithi leo and scorpio are dadha does that change any of the features you have mentioned? Jeremy Ekenstam: i have sun mercury conjuntion in fth house saggitarius, leo ascendant! sounds like that would make mercury extra combust or something. georgia p: SHE IS SOO CUTE. Nina Moua: Wow. Ascendant/1st house: I am the mask you forget youre wearing. Moon: I am the face you wear when you cannot cope anymore. 4 th house: Inside, you are actually me.Sun/Ascendent: Lots of physical energy. For Aries ascendant Sun is lord of 5th house and is a benefic Planet for them.One more interesting result which is seen with this placement is large appetite and fondness malefic food like meat. Sun in first house for Leo ascendant. Purpose of Life through Ascendant Navamsha by Dr.Education Selections from Astrology by Dr Dharmesh M. Timing of Marriage In Astrology - Part 1 | Early Mar. Leo Ascendant Sun in 6th House by Dr.Dharmesh Mehta. Sun in 8th house in Leo for Capricorn.08:20 1 day ago. Gemini Ascendant Sun in the 8th House. Celebrities having the Sun in Leo and their Ascendant in Sagittarius. Sun in 4th house in Leo for Taurus Ascendant in Astrology.Sun In The Tenth House of Astrology Birth Chart (Sun in the 10th hosue). Those with the Sun in the 8th house may have an interest in the occult, psychology, psychotherapySelect Category 8th house Aquarius Aries Ascendant Astrological Houses Astrology and theJupiter Aspects Jupiter in Houses Jupiter signs Jupiter Transits Kite Leo Libra Mars Mars Aspects Mars in The Sun as 5th lord (9th from 9th) also indicates the future and his debilitation in the 7 th house shows that the native will continue to spoil her married life by her ownLeo Ascendant The Sun as the Ascendant lord is again in his inimical sign Aquarius, with the result of delayed and unhappy marriage. How different planets will behave differently as 8th Lord in 5th house? Sun - Suppose it is a Capricorn Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 8th house with Leo sign and sits in the 5th house in the sign of Taurus. Leo Ascendant or Rising Person has many unique qualities. Leo is the fifth sign of the natural zodiac. When it becomes the ascendant or rising sign, meaning it occupies the first house of the chart, induces its sublimity in the native.

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