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5. Next, tap on Done from the top right corner of your screen to save this setting.Now that the Weather App has constant access to your Location, you should be able to see the Weather Widget displaying updated weather info on the Lock Screen of your iPhone . This iPhone weather app brings very accurate lightening detection, real time forecasts and faster alerts for you. Weatherbug 3.6.1 is latest version of iOS app in which total lightning is measured and you can able to know alerts of your saved and current locations. Weather apps are big business, and its not hard to see why. Everyone wants the most accurate weather information as possible, and there are thousands of apps out there that compete for space on your smartphone. The app allows saving up to 20 locations to monitor and get notifications on Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Snow Storms and Flood and Fire warnings.Cons: The weather watch of the app is not always updated. Dec 28,2017 10:56 am / Posted by Elva to iPhone , Apps. The iPhone Weather App. Whats New with iPhone 7 and iOS 10.When the local weather is displayed, the words Local Weather appear above your current location. > iPhone weather app. Get the My O2 app.

Track usage, upgrade and more with our new look app.It looks like the local weather screen is showing updating all the time, but my other screens of saved locations are working fine. Suchergebnisse fr iphone weather app delete location.In addition to providing weather conditions and forecasts for your current location, the iPhones Weather app lets you save other cities to the app, which News Forums > iPhone Forums > iPhone Help >. Weather Setting Not Saving. Discussion in iPhone Help started by sbs8331, Jan 13, 2012.can not save my location in weather app iphone. Heres how you can add or remove locations, change temperature units and view more details in iOS Weather app for iPhone.Adding or Removing Locations. You dont want to be confined to local weather only. The iPhone contains a built-in weather application allowing you to see weather conditions and forecasts on the go. When launching the iPhone weather application for the first time, the default location shown is Cupertino, the home of iPhone manufacturer Apple. With its wisdom words and some 30 secret locations, it is a great weather app to use. This iPhone weather app also gives you predictions of the Moon, telling how adequate the day will be for your space trip.Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This iPhone weather app lets you check out weather forecast of any city, state, or country with ease on your iPhone. The app gives your complete details on weather which includes weather temperature with type of the day that is whether the day is sunny, cloudy, rainy, and the like. You can find this setting in Settings > Privacy > Location.

One thing to remind is that turning off background app refresh for other apps will help save battery life. Tip 4. Reboot Your iPhone. This is a simple way to try to fix Weather app not working issue on iOS 11 or iOS 11.1. Lets not beat around the bush here: The default weather app on your iPhone is — in a word — crap. It gives you a pathetic hourly forecast for the next few hours (which I only discovered how to access recently) and a pretty vague forecast for the next few days, and thats about it. Want to know what the weather is doing around the world or just down the road? Find out how to adjust your Weather app settings in iOS. The Apple Weather app on the iPhone automatically picks up your location and displays the current weather and temperature in your location.Tap the bulleted list in the bottom right corner to display saved weather locations. iOS Apps Features. Best weather apps for iPhone.The app will show the weather at your current location as long as you allow it to access Location Services. Read next: Best iPad iPhone apps. The preinstalled Weather app on the iPhone is one of the most beautiful apps around. When you open it to look at the weather, it displaysI use the Weather app for more than just checking local weather. Ive saved numerous locations throughout the world so I can see the time at that location draft saved.Weather XML Feed allowed to be used in iPhone App? 10. Weather prediction algorithm variety.Get Weather forecast detail from current location. 0. Get 7 day forecast date for custom location simply iOS. Here are the best weather apps for iPhone and Android right now.Met Office Weather gives you seven-day forecasts, daily forecast snapshots for a quick update on the coming day, the ability to save locations, and hourly forecasts for the coming two days. While there are many who observed that Weather app runs smoothly, but Weather widget doesnt update its temperature. Given its significant use during a day, Weather app and widget must function well on your iPhone and iPad. Choose Weather from the list and tap on Never to stop Weather app accessing to your current location. Back to Weather app and youll find the default city is removed. How to Add Locations to Weather on iPhone 7/7 Plus. How do I delete my iPhones Yahoo Weather app? Allie Sponic. On an iPhone you lightly hold down on the app you are trying to delete until they all begin to shake and an X appears in the top left corner. However, please do not recommend any other apps, my query is solely to do with the weather widget. Thanks. iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3.Reply I have this question too (2). Q: Weather widget not saving locations. Obviously the Weather app on iPhone will tell you temperatures and a five-day forecast, but the revised default iPhone Weather app can also provide additional weather information without having to ask Siri. The stock Weather app is a simple pre-installed application that utilizes weather data from Yahoo. The Weather app makes it easy to quickly view weather conditions and forecasts for a variety of locations at once. iphone marine weather app iphone marine weather forecasts app for mariners and fisherman who are on the go. How To Add More Cities And Locations To Your IPhone Weather App. How do I save my favourite locations? iPhone - Tap the at the top of the snapshots screen to search for a location.Weather forecast for [location name, county] from the Met Office weather app. Available to download on Android [link] or iOS [link]. Location: Los Angeles Ca. 5. toucan said: . It is a bug in Weather App. Click to expand Glad we came quickly to that conclusionFor iPhone 4/4S the local weather city time just said "hourly" -- not time. Click to expand You can add maximum 20 Cities/ locations in iPhone weather app.Step 1. Launch Latest Weather App from your iPhone Home Screen. Step 2. Now Tap on Three horizontal line appear right-bottom side and then Tap on icon to get locations Search bar. Now available worldwide, AccuWeathers new iPhone iOS 7 weather app made its debut on Wednesday, Feb.Weather conditions are arranged by context and potential impact for all of your saved locations. Powerful and well-designed Yahoo Weather has just taken a nice step up with an update to version 1.6.5. First up, the app features a new design. Iphone Weather App Not Updating. Deleting a city from the Weather app in iOS 7 is a little different than in previous versions, where you edited a list of locations. When you are in the app, if you arent already in list view, go to it by tapping the list icon in the bottom right of the screen. One app that will periodically use your location is the Weather app. When active, the location tracking feature of the Weather app will automatically include information about your local weather in a couple of locations on your iPhone. My iPhones default weather app also got screwy recently, and pulls info from Yahoo, so its not a Weather Channel problem.Right now, iphone weather app shows very different results as compared to Weather.

com. (I meant for Cupertino, California). How To Enable or Disable Web and App Activity on Android Phone. Suraj Padmasali Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. CTRL SPACE for auto-complete. How to add locations to Weather for iPhone. The Weather app for iPhone will automatically keep track of the climate and temperature in your current location, if you allow it. However, you can also add any other locations you might want to keep track of. NEW iPhone App: Why arent my saved locations updating? NEW iPhone App: What is Social Weather?iPhone: How do I customize my background in the app? iPhone: How do I delete a city I did not save? Method 3: Enable Background App Refresh for Weather App. Method 4: Reset Location and Privacy.How to Save and Share Animoji on iPhone or iPad. 2. Reinstall Weather Application. If weather widget doesnt function well after you set the location service to Always, the problem may be caused by incompatibility of the Weather app. Contents. Basic Troubleshooting. No Location in the Weather app. Spinning dots or Cannot Retrieve Any Data.How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working on Apple Watch and iPhone. Is your Apple Watch Getting Hot? Hello, youre watching VisiHow. In todays video, Ill show you how to add new locations the Weather application on the iPhone 4S. The iPhone Weather application allows you to quickly view the local weather and a five-day forecast.I live in Ilford, Essex. North east part of London, I set my location on this app, but it does not save it. Why doesnt the iOS native Weather app auto-update the weather with my current location? Has Weather Channel stopped supporting their Weather app on iOS? What do the iPhone weather app icons stand for? I switched off the weather in location services under privacy and it took the first city out of my list.A thousand thank yous for the instruction on how to delete an iphone weather app city! draft saved.iPhone7: Does anyone else show Phone App under Location Services? 3. iOS weather widget that displays two locations. Tap Settings, Privacy, Location, then scroll down to Weather and flip the switch on.Once the Weather app launches, it should kick back into gear and display the local weather. Explore this list of best iPhone weather apps to instantly check the weather forecasts of any location, city, destinations to stay safe or better plan your day/trip. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. iOS 11: How to Save a Webpage as PDF Store in Files App. Use Reminders to set Multiple HomePod Timers.Weather Now, a Gorgeous, Informative Weather App for iOS. Review: Another Excellent Transparent Case for iPhone X (Just Mobile). Jeshoots/Pexels. Your local meteorologist might seem like the best person to tell you what the weathers going to be like, but what happens when youre on the road or away from home, or cant get to the TV? Thats where weather apps come in.

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