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The iPhone 5C is the lower-cost alternative to the iPhone 5S. However, it is anything but a cheap phone. Direct from Apple, the iPhone 5C starts at 469.But which is better the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S? Contrast is great, colour reproduction is great, brightness is great. Now there will be one question in your mind that when you are going to buy new phone, which one of them either it is iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c will be best for you. iPhone 5s is the top luxury smartphone build with aluminum In addition to five different colors, Apple designers have also designed a series of really colorful cases for the iPhone 5C, allowing you to further expand your creativity with a phone-case combo that best suits your personality. Not sure how the iPhone 5S is different from the 5C? This list explains key differences between the phones to help you make the right choice.If you want a colorful iPhone, the 5C is your best choice. Apple has announced that iPhone 5S will come with a new 64 bit A7 chip, and Apple claims that its the first 64 bit smartphone processor which may well be true.Filed Under: Smart Phones Tagged With: Apple iPhone 5C, Apple iPhone 5C Comparison, Apple iPhone 5C Review, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple The tech world is abuzz with the latest iPhones 5c and 5s announcement, but the question on everyones mind is: Which phone do I really need?The 7 Best Places for a 2018 Destination Wedding. 14 Beautiful Destinations to Visit if Adventure Is Your Top Priority. The Cutest Flower Girl Apple iPhone 5c. Posted: 10 Sep 2013 Market Status: Released. PhoneArena ratingBest compact phones to buy in 2018. The new iPhones, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, are now available. Want to know the difference between iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? Which model is better for you? Read the comparison of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c below before you make your purchase decision. The iPhone 5S, left, and iPhone 5c are displayed Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013, in New York. The 5S offers a fingerprint sensor, a better camera and a faster processor, while the iPhoneHeres a closer look at the three phones.

The 5S and the 5C go on sale Friday, while the 5 is being discontinued. IPHONE 5S The iPhone 5c is a reskinned and rebranded iPhone 5. To everyone else its a completely new phone.The iPhone, with its A7 processor, does the work in figuring out how to produce the best photo no matter what you decide to aim it at, being a still portrait or an action shot. Answers.com WikiAnswers Categories Technology Electronics Consumer Electronics Telephones Mobile Phones iPhone iPhone 5s Which is better the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5 s?Should you buy a iPhone 5s or 5c? Thats up to you. The 5S is the more capable phone. Apple unveiled two new versions of the iPhone 5: the 5S and the 5C. Which of these devices is best for you?The leap from 3G to 4G was huge and if you are trying to do anything that requires data, you really want a phone that can connect to your carriers LTE network. On the inside, the iPhone 5c is very easy to understand as it is basically an iPhone 5, with a minor upgrades.

For instance, the cellular antenna supports higher number of LTE bands. The front facing camera, called Facetime is better and sharper. The iPhone 5c is the first iPhone to be available in 5 colors and plastic casing. Though it is a plastic and not aluminum phone, early impressions of the device were very favorable with reviewers saying it did not feel like your typical, cheap plastic phone. Phone to Phone Transfer.iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C, Which is Better for You. Oct. 5, 2013 3:15 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Tips Follow JenefeyAaron. You already own an iPhone 5. This ones a rule of thumb: never buy the phone that comes after the one you last bought. If you have an iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C is pointless, while the iPhone 5S is to your phone what the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4. The faster processor, the better low-light But that doesnt make the iPhone 5c a poor phone its not. Its responsive, colorful and a breath of fresh design.The iPhone 5s uses larger pixels in the sensor for better low light shots and improved color rendition. And yet you say an A5 should be good enough for an iPhone 5C?hmm. The battery is already a sore point for the 5, so Im guessing even the 5C (and even more the 5S) will have to do better: no phone cant last less than a day. Likewise, for those who are not on the tightest of budgets and who prefer a smaller phone, the newer iPhone SE is a better choice than the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5s, as the "Special Edition" model essentially is an iPhone 5s with newer and better internal parts. Verizon: All 4G devices, including the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c are unlocked as a matter of corporate policyFirst, go to Settings, Reset, Reset network settings. Its not necessary, but its good practice. T-Mobile: Insert their SIM card and the phone should work. Apple iPhone 5S or 5C: Which one is best for you?Both the phones come with a 4-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1136640 or 326 ppi. So, whether you go for the 5S or 5C, Apple has guaranteed that your visual experience is not compromised. The iPhone 5c is 100 cheaper than the iPhone 5s, but which phone is the better buy?Now that Apple(s aapl) has officially announced the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, a new question has probably come to mind for anyone in the market for a new phone: Which one should you buy? Here, we talk you through each of the phones available to buy from Apple, to help you decide which is best for you. Well discuss price, specs and features of all eight models, and you should leave feeling much more confident that youre about to make the right decision about which iPhone to buy. Sprint iPhone 5 5s: Can not be activated on any other networks besides Sprint.Go to cellphone guru-they have cheap plans that work with the best coverage, I just switched from T mobile and my phone now works where I live! The iPhone 5s is Apples flagship phone right now and if youre a power user its the better option currently available to you. It might look the same as the iPhone 5, but its faster and has enough improvements to the camera to set it apart. This weight is particularly noticeable whilst holding the two phones, although the iPhone 5C manages to feel a little more comfortable.The plastic casing does result in a cheaper price tag, but the metal casing of the 5S matches its higher cost better than the 5C. Home Mobile Phones. Apple iPhone 5C VS iPhone 5S Phone Comparison.iPhone 5Ss most talked about feature is the Touch ID, which is a built-in fingerprint scanner on the home button that helps consumers better secure their iPhone. Well, actually no.

If you were to compare the devices solely on their features, the iPhone 5C is your new iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S just takes the game to an all-new level not unlike how iPhone 4S did to iPhone 4. The iphone 5c is cheaper and is basically the iphone 5 but in a new shell. If you want a really nice device and dont mind the price, the iphone 5s is for you. If you still want a fast phone that will turn heads at a better price I suggest the iphone 5c. Essentially the same phone inside as the iPhone 5 Lots more LTE band support Improved battery life vs. iPhone 5 New design is easy on the eyes and the hand.And also, the golden iPhone 5S can be better if you are also interested in the Finger Scanner Lite packed in iPhone 5S. Not just smart phone cameras — all cameras. There is a well known photography adage that states the best camera is the one thats with you. Well, if you have an iPhone 5S that statement will remain true no matter what other camera you may have available. For working phones, Walmart offers as much as 180.50 credit for an iPhone 5, 325 credit for an iPhone 5S, and 133 for an iPhone 5C.In terms of sites dedicated to helping you sell your iPhone directly, you have quite a few options. Glyde.com is probably your best bet in terms of sheer price. Iphone 5s has touch ID. Iphone 5s is a future phone which will be supported for a longer duration than iPhone 5c. IPhone 5c has almost same configuration as iPhone 5, it is simply a last year iPhone with 4g support and a little better camera. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are now here -- or they will be in a bit.Unless you were fast with your mouse finger, theres a high chance youll have to wait until next month until your phone even ships. When choosing an iPhone 5S or 5C, buyers should compare the key features and specifications of both phones to see which better suits their needs and tastes. Although they are available from mobile phone carriers and other retail outlets, the iPhone 5S, 5C I am looking at getting myself a smart phone and I have decided to get an Apple iPhone, since I already have a fifth generation iPod Touch and I am familiar with Apple products. Which iPhone would be better, the 5s or the 5c? Go to Recommended reply. Check our answers to What phone is better iPhone 5c or a iPhone 5? - we found 25 replies and comments relevant to this matter. The best answers are submitted by users of Quora, ChaCha and Yahoo! iPhone 5C is available in 5 different colors while the iPhone 5S is available in 3 metallic colors consisting of white, black and gold. Processor.Top 5 Best Nokia Phones Below Rs 5000. Tutorial: How to take a screenshot on Android phones. Looking to trade in your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c? Heres exactly how much your handset will get you at Amazon, Gazelle, Walmart and others.For all of these estimates, we assumed the phone is in good,working condition without a cracked screen or other visible damage. If you bought an iPhone 5 at some point within the last year, you do not need the iPhone 5c. You may well want the iPhone 5c its a cool-looking, colorful phone, it feels great in the hand, and its almost assuredly more durable than the aluminum iPhone 5 you already own. paying over 2000, even for the "free" phone. The up front difference between 0 and 399 is huge, especially if you have rent to pay or a family to feed.If youre still not sure about which to get between the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 4s, jump into our iPhone discussion forums and the best Phones.For the first time ever, Apples newest iPhones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, will launch on all four major U.S. carriers: ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The phones are best described as, well, iPhones, albeit in some new colors and with some new tricks.iPhone5C. You go through the setup process of training the phone to know your fingerprint by following some onscreen instructions and tapping your finger on the button. We conducted 11 different drop tests to see who will come out on top! Will the 5C or 5S be the winner? Watch this iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C drop test to see which device holds up better! Let us know what you guys think on the comments below. Never again will you have to enter a 4-digit PIN to access your phone or enter your iTunes password when trying to download or purchase an app.In effect, the iPhone 5C will still take some of the best photos of most smartphones on the market and maintain a fairly high level of performance. Im wondering if the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C battery can be swapped between this 2 phones?Which is 60mah better than a brand new 5c and 204mah better than the used 5c battery that I just replaced.So yes guys and girls its perfectly safe to interchange a battery from a 5s to a 5c and vice The iPhone 5s improves the smartphone camera experience enough to make this a key point in its favor.Flash aside, the 5s camera sensor and lens assembly is much better, and the processor means faster autofocus and faster shutter activation. Out of the three apple devices mentioned above which one is better in all aspects?I recommend that you get the iPhone 6, instead of the older versions. The depreciation are of the 3 phones youve mentioned are somehow close. Consumer Electronics Cell Phones Plans. Next. Which phone is better? Theyre new, made of metal and plastic, and cost upwards of 469, but will the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c blend better?

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