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After submit I want to close pop-up and refresh the parent window. Couldnt find the solution.Another problem I am facing is whatever js files I am having in the jsp opened by Popup are not working. Kindly help on this. | Recommendjavascript - Refresh parent window after closing a popup window. p has a button. What I would like to do is to refresh the parent page (the one that launches the popup) once this button is hit. VisualLightBox is available as jQuery or Prototype plugin, for Windows and Mac, it is translated by volunteers to 28 languages!modal popup in java div modal javascript centrado javascript popup dialog transparent safari javascript modal drag auto refresh parent window after closing popup function CloseWindow() window.close() window.opener.location.reload() How can I do this using Javascript?It creates a popup with a link to close the window and refresh parent. This works but when I close popup window how to update.As from my comment from the other answer you just need to handle the window.onunload event and use the window.opener property to tell the calling page to be refreshed.

In this article I will explain how to refresh or reload parent page when the child popup page window is closed using JavaScript in ASP.Net. The pop-up window has a reference to the parent window (window.opener)sub window and can still return to the server and do a page refresh that only refreshes the contentIt appears to populate the primary windows global JavaScript variable, but after closing the popup window the variables In this article Im trying to explain how to refresh the parent window after closing the popup window using Jquery.. Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged javascript jquery jsp popupwindow or ask your own question. asked.Open popup and refresh parent page on close popup. 0. jQuery modal window, refresh parent issues. Reload Parent Window on Popup Close. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to refresh parent page on close of popup jquery in web application. Find the javascript code snippet below:-. Reload parent window on popup close. Best way to refresh the parent window after closing the popup window is : just call following javascript. When they hit that submit button, it will close the pop-up window ( javascript:window.close()) and refresh the parent window. (javascript:window. refresh()) SoFollowing code is to close popup and refresh parent and focus. function SaveSetting() alert("Settings have been saved successfully javascript - Reloads the parent window if the child window was closed.I am trying to reload a parent window if child window get closed. Here is my current code which opens a popup window, but it has not programmed for refresh parent window when it get closed.

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